Learn How to Create Nail Art with the Nail Salon 3D App

Want to unleash your creativity by creating some fabulous nail art? Worried you lack the skills and want some quick practice? Then the Nail Salon 3D is a great app for you. This fun mobile game offers a great way for you to pass your leisure time. You will attend to customers and aim to please them with spectacular nail looks to score high and earn a good amount of coins. 

You will be surprised how much fun choosing nail colors for one customer after another can be. If you are excited to play with nail colors but do not know how to, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, you will get all the details about Nail Salon 3D. From downloading the app, to the main features of the Nail Salon 3D app, and how to play the game – everything has been covered. So, keep reading!

Learn How to Create Nail Art with the Nail Salon 3D App
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What Is Nail Salon 3D?

Ready to join the manicure madness? Well, no better time than now to set up shop and reap the benefits of the blooming nail salon industry. The best part about opening a nail salon in Nail Salon 3D is you don’t have to invest a single penny. 

Learn How to Create Nail Art with the Nail Salon 3D App
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You just download the app and start making some nail art magic. It is really as simple as it seems and you can earn loads of in-game coins. Handle one client at a time and take care of their nails. scrape, clip, and polish their nails, and then put on some nail polish. 

If you are consistent and generally avoid mistakes, you will soon amass a good amount of coins, the in-game virtual currency for Nail Salon 3D. However, be careful! Your clients will not appreciate getting their nails pulled off accidentally. 

Not only would it be very virtually painful for them but it will also hamper your in-game reputation. Don’t worry, Nail Salon 3D is so easy to play, you cannot go wrong. This nail art game is going to be your best friend when you have some free time on your hands. 

How to Download the Nail Salon 3D App

To get your hands on this popular simulation game, you can download it on your mobile. Android users can download Nail Salon 3D from the Play Store. Apple users on the other hand can download from the App Store. The app is approximately 256 MB and compatible with a wide range of devices. 

The application requires your Apple devices to have iOS 10 or later. Plus, you can also enjoy the game on your iPad. Kids over age 12 may also enjoy this addictive yet very fun nail design game. All the stylish accessories and vibrant nail polish colors can improve visual intelligence. What’s more? You get to enjoy some top-notch game sessions on this app for free. 

Of course, it is an ad-supported application and you may soon foster a love-hate relationship with these ads. In that case, you can invest in an ad-free version for $2.99. If you are willing to spend a little bit more, you can even grab the all-in-one bundle for $4.99. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and start playing!

What Makes the Nail Salon 3D So Cool? 

Now that you have the app on your phone, let’s explore the many amazing features you can enjoy. These are what make this satisfying free-to-play mobile game worth your time. Nail Salon 3D flaunts flawless graphics and an amazing concept. 

The gameplay is quite engaging as well, so you will be hooked to your phone screen. Thanks to the slew of customization options and service offerings, you can experience what it feels like to run a nail salon. Let’s look at some of the most exciting features of the Nail Salon 3D. 

Nail Art Plus Interior Designing

Of course, this app is all things nails. Nails need regular attention and maintenance – something most people often ignore. So, when they finally have time to focus on their nails, it is your job as the player to fix fingers and toes. You can offer different salon services to help improve how their hands and feet look. 

In addition to honing your nail art skill in this salon simulation, you get to renovate your salon. So, throw out your old dull-looking sofa and scour through other options to find a lavish and more inviting option. In addition to the furniture, you can invest in good lighting and equipment to attain a very professional yet elite service environment. 

Just invest some of your in-game currency to upgrade the walls, blinds, sofa, or floor to revamp the salon. Bonus tip for players who like to save their coins for big transformations: Look for options to earn upgrades in exchange for watching some videos. 

Serve Some VIP Clients

As you gain a good reputation in the market, you will attract some VIP clients. These are exclusive celebrities who will come to get their nails done from you. Understandably, the better your performance, the more VIP clients you will gather. It goes without saying that these clients will often help earn more coins. 

Learn How to Create Nail Art with the Nail Salon 3D App
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Can you attract all the exclusive clients? Can you make them very happy? If yes, your business will flourish. You should maintain caution and never do anything that might hurt the clients during service. This reduces the number of coins you will earn at the end of the nail art service. 

So, use your available nail tools wisely and keep the client’s expectations in mind. A satisfied client will usually leave generous tips for you in your tip jar. You can press ‘Collect Tips’ when you want to add the amount to your total coins. 

Family Sharing and Constantly Updating Features 

Thanks to the family sharing feature, Apple users can share all the fun with family members. This offers access to up to six family members. That’s not all. New features are constantly being added to Nail Salon 3D. 

Check every day to see what new paint has been added. It is also important to check whether new characters or processes have changed. The regularly updated features give a very fresh vibe to the game.

How to Use the App?

Excited to bid farewell to dull moments and indulge in the creative world of nail salon art? You will be happy to learn that making nail art on this app is exceptionally easy. You can look at how to do each of the functions here. 

Learn How to Create Nail Art with the Nail Salon 3D App
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You can learn how to shave the nails nicely, decorate them using colorful nail paint and patterns, and also how to serve celebrities. When you are happy with the nail you designed, you can share it with friends and family through social media. 

Learn the Basics, Gather Nail Tools, and Upgrade Salon

The first few tasks in the simulation game have been designed in a tutorial style to help you understand the game better. With each completed challenge you will get more tools so you can apply your knowledge from the tutorials while handling an upcoming client. 

Another very important step is to upgrade your salon. This is quite easy as you can buy or upgrade certain decoration elements with a single tap. For instance, just press on the ‘upgrade’ button when you are ready to upgrade to a better-looking wall, floor, or sofa. 

Choose a Nail Shape 

The very first step is to select a suitable nail shape. You will be presented with options like simple, stiletto, squoval, and square. Most often, the client or celebrity will suggest a nail shape so following their instruction might be helpful. 

Learn How to Create Nail Art with the Nail Salon 3D App
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When cutting nails to match a certain shape, one of the best tips is to never cut too close. Even if you prefer shorter nails, shaving and filing the nail slowly with a high-quality nail file is recommended. Once you choose a nail shape, the app will provide an outline to indicate how much of the nails you need to file. 

When you are happy with the nail shape, it is time to paint them and make some designs on them. Matte, gel, glitters – you will have endless options. Moreover, you can select from a variety of color options. After applying the color, you may add some extra bling to the look by accessorizing the nails and hands. 

How? Simply add stickers and rhinestones to make the nails look very glamorous. You can also wear some finger rings to compliment your nails. After each successful service, you can collect your reward and tips. 

Share Your Nail Creations 

The freshly manicured or pedicured hands and feet can be highlighted against one of the gorgeous background options. On top of that, you can choose from one of the four-hand poses. When you are satisfied, you can press finish. 

Finally, you can share the end result with the world. The share option will reveal a few options like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. No matter which medium you choose to upload the photo to, you can first make it more presentable. 

Learn How to Create Nail Art with the Nail Salon 3D App
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If you ever played with a GameBoy, you know the convenience of whipping out your pocket device while you’re standing in a line or sitting in a waiting room. This game provides that same quick and easy satisfaction. 

You can get the same satisfaction of polishing and perfecting someone’s nails without ever having to leave your house. If you’ve ever wanted to open a nail salon of your own, this app will take you through the business of it all before you decide to open the real thing.