PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night

If you have a group of friends who go out a lot for dinners, movies, or other activities, you probably find yourself or someone else paying the bill and sorting it out afterward. Someone has to sit down, look at the bill, do the math, and then tell everyone how much they owe. This can get complicated. What if two people unevenly split the bill? How much does someone owe the other person? 

Even worse, what if you pay one time and some other person pays the next time, and then you have to figure out how much the balance was and how much everyone owes the two of you? Now, there is a simple and brilliant solution to all your friendly borrowing issues – PayPal Mobile Cash

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PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night
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PayPal has become synonymous with secure and reliable financial transactions. Founded in 1998, PayPal is an alternative payment system that takes away the cash or checks aspects of a transaction, thereby making it easier to send and receive money directly into your bank account.  

PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night
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One of the most used features of PayPal is sending money in different currencies in any part of the world. Converting and sending money is a seamless process within the platform, making it a brilliant feature for online businesses, auction sites, and vendors. 

PayPal is free; you can log in and make an account. However, there are some fees involved when you’re sending or receiving money. The exchange rate can be relatively lower if you’re making a financial transaction to another country or in another currency. 

PayPal has now come up with an app for smartphones called PayPal Mobile Cash. This app is designed to improve your experience in financial transactions by reducing the time and effort needed to send and receive money without using cash or money orders. 

PayPal Mobile Cash

PayPal Mobile Cash is a financial help app that makes splitting bills and pays them simple, convenient, and quick. If you have an account on PayPal, you can choose to send and receive money with just a few clicks. The app comes with several great features that make paying or getting paid extremely easy in any currency. 

If you live in the US, you also get access to some extra aspects of the app, including no fees on payments and the option to trade cryptocurrency. Sending or receiving money has never been easier, thanks to the touch-free feature on PayPal Mobile Cash. If you’re paying, you can quickly scan a QR code that has the receiver’s information and then enter the amount that you need to send. 

Conversely, receiving money also works on the same theory. The app has an option where you can quickly generate a QR code with your contact information. Anyone who wants to send you money can use their phone’s camera to pay you in person without the need for cash or any contact information exchange. 

Push Notifications

It can become difficult to keep track of your transactions, especially if you lead an active social lifestyle. This can cause several budgeting issues. To make sure that you stick to your financial plan, the most important thing to do is always be on top of where your money is going. 

PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night
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With Push Notifications on the PayPal Mobile Cash App, you get notified every time you send or receive money in your account. The app is linked to your card, and all transactions show up on your phone immediately after they occur. 

This is a handy feature as it keeps you updated on the latest activity on your account. Make your budgeting and financial planning more streamlined by turning on the Push Notifications on your PayPal Mobile Cash App. 


PayPal has always been a secure and reliable way of making financial transactions. This means that all the transactions you do via PayPal Mobile Cash on your phone will be secured similarly with commercially available encryption and fraud detection. You do not have to worry about your money being wrongly deducted. 

The most important part of any financial transaction you do online is ensuring that your money is secure. With PayPal’s security measures, you can comfortably pay your friends and vendors the money you owe without any hassles about whether they will receive it.


If you choose to opt for the paid version of the app, a PayPal Cash Plus account, you can also access a MasterCard. You can use this card for in-store shopping and use it to withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world. 

PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night
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Besides this, getting access to your money is also very convenient with the card. You can quickly transfer funds from your bank balance to your account with PayPal. If you have enough funds in your account, you can use this card anywhere in the world. However, there will be fees included if you’re using the card for international transactions. 

Free Sending And Receiving Funds

Though PayPal charges a fee for when you send or receive money overseas, using the PayPal Mobile Cash App is free in the US. If a bank account or balance funds your account, you can send and receive funds in a secure, encrypted way. 

Of course, you will need a PayPal account, and the sender or receiver of funds will need to have an account as well. For payments in the US, these transactions will not incur a fee, making it more convenient for you to make as many transactions as you want. 

Finding people on the app is relatively easy and quick. If you have the phone number, email ID, or bank account number, you can see whoever it is you’re trying to pay easily via the app. This makes your financial transactions even more streamlined.  

Vendors And Sellers

Carrying around cash is not always a feasible option. Besides the inconvenient aspects of physical currency, you cannot always ensure that there’s the proper change for transactions you carry out daily. This makes giving out and receiving exact change an inconvenient process. 

PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night
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This problem is easily solved by using the PayPal Mobile Cash app. If you’re buying something, you can easily transfer funds directly from your account to theirs in the exact change you need without exchanging physical currency. 

Besides this, the QR code for vendors now has a custom tip option as well. You can customize the app to add a set of predefined tips that buyers can choose from or have an option to add their own amount. This makes not only paying but tipping easier as well. 


Considering the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and Dogecoin in the last few months, more and more people are getting involved in cryptocurrency. As more companies and exchanges are set up that allows you to get your hands on this blockchain miracle, you must have a safe and reliable way to buy and unload your Bitcoins. 

This is possible via the PayPal Mobile Cash app as well. If you live in the US, you have the option to buy, hold, and sell Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. The good thing about this is that PayPal is a trusted and secure platform, and traders and investors can be comfortable knowing that their money will be safe. 

Disclaimer: Make sure that you have done your research before you decide to invest in cryptocurrency. The prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and you should not invest anything more than you’re okay with losing if the prices go down.

Splitting Of Funds

This is one of the most interesting aspects of the PayPal Mobile Cash App. When you go out with someone in a group and partake in various activities throughout your time, it can get difficult to track how much money everyone owes and to whom. 

PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night
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With the PayPal Mobile Cash App, you can say goodbye to all the time and effort of going over bills and receipts and checking how much money needs to change hands in which way. 

Splitting your money in a way that everyone pays for themselves is easy, and just adding in your expenses to the app with a convenient way to instantly pay someone is an excellent feature. 


The PayPal Mobile Cash app is free to download and sign up for both Android and iOS. You can use the Google Play Store to download the app, or you can get the app from the Apple App Store

Though the app is free to download and use, you might have to pay some fees if you’re converting currency or sending money to someone overseas. You can check out the complete fee structure and terms and conditions for international transactions on the PayPal website.

PayPal Mobile Cash: A Simple and Safe Way to Split the Costs of the Take-Away from Last Night
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The Bottom Line

Paying or receiving money from your friends should be an easy task, but it can get slightly inconvenient if you’re going out often as a group. The more the number of people involved in a transaction, the more complicated it will get. This is where the PayPal Mobile Cash App comes into the picture. 

You can easily receive money from and send money to your friends or other vendors by scanning just a QR code, making the experience of your financial transactions much quicker and easier.