TD Bank App – How to Download and Apply for a Card

TD Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States in terms of deposits and total assets. It caters to millions of American customers to ensure they can access banking products and other financial services.

The banking institution is committed to making sure every customer has a convenient and hassle-free banking experience. Thus, TD Bank launched its mobile banking app to give its customers control over how they manage their finances at the tips of their fingers.

Learn more about the TD Bank app and its features below. Discover how I manage my TB bank account on the mobile banking app. Check also how to install the TD Bank app and apply for a card.

  • Get to Know TD Bank
  • Discover the TD Bank App
  • Explore the TD Bank App
  • Managing My TD Bank Accounts on the App
  • Pay Bills Online with the TD Bank App
  • Request a New Card via the TD Bank App

TD Bank App - How to Download and Apply for a Card

Get to Know TD Bank

People from the East Coast will undoubtedly be familiar with TD Bank. The banking institution primarily operates across the United States’ East Coast, including fifteen states and Washington, D.C.

TD Bank App - How to Download and Apply for a Card

Despite being limited in the reach of the operation, TD Bank established itself as one of the biggest banking institutions in the United States. Currently, TD Bank holds the seventh position as the largest US bank by deposits and 11th in total assets.

This expansion and reach of TD Bank can be attributed to the series of several mergers and acquisitions. Although TD Bank is an American national bank, it is a subsidiary of the Canadian multination company, TD Bank Group.

TD Bank has over 170 years of experience serving people with its great banking solutions. TD Bank is currently headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, alongside its hundreds of branches across fifteen US states.

Discover the TD Bank’s Products and Services

TD Bank is committed to providing its customers with quality banking products and solutions. Thus, I decided to open an account with the bank as I saw how it values its customers’ needs. The bank focuses on personal or private banking.

All the products and services offered by TD Bank are centralized to help customers manage their personal finances. TD Bank provides the following products and services: checking accounts, saving accounts, credit cards, home equity, mortgage loans, and personal loans.

Special offers also provide customer-specific banking and tailored financial solutions to its customers. Therefore, it is enticing to trust TD Bank as it prioritizes its customers’ needs.

Discover the TD Bank App

When I decided to open an account with TD Bank, I was also intrigued by the TD Bank app. TD Bank released the TD Bank app in August 2010 to provide customers with a more convenient banking experience.

TD Bank App - How to Download and Apply for a Card

TD Bank wants customers to be able to access their accounts anytime they want. With this, users can control their finances more easily. The TD Bank app aims to make banking available anytime and anywhere for personal or business purposes.

The banking institution assured its customers that the TD Bank app is a secure platform to access its banking products and services. There are also powerful and intuitive tools for managing TD Bank accounts on the mobile banking app.

The TD Bank app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It is free, so TD Bank customers can enjoy its features easily. Note that the TD Bank app is compatible with AndroidOS 6.0 and up and iOS 11.0 or later.

Read the TD Bank App’s Privacy Policy

Before installing the TD Bank app, I read through the app’s Privacy Policy to learn how it would value my data safety. First, the app mentioned that the developers would never share any user data with other third-party companies or organizations.

In addition, the TD Bank app clarifies all the data that will be collected, including app activity, app information and performance (crash logs, diagnostics), and device or other IDs. All the information that will be collected will help the developers improve the services of the mobile banking app.

The TD Bank app laid out its security practices to ensure my data’s privacy and safety. The developers confirmed that all data that would be collected were transferred over a secure connection via encryption.

Explore the TD Bank App

Upon installing the TD Bank app, it welcomed me with its features and content. Once the app was successfully installed, I could explore its content without signing in or creating an account.

TD Bank App - How to Download and Apply for a Card

All the major banking features I could do on the TD Bank app are on the Home page: managing accounts, transferring funds, depositing money, sending money, and paying bills. There is also a direct link to the bank’s website where I can read about its offered products.

These features are also present in the menu of the TD Bank app. Some additional features can be seen such as secure messages, alerts, account services, settings menu, contact information, and find a TD bank.

Create an Account on the TD Bank App

Although the TD Bank app lets me explore its features, I need to create an account to use the features. Those with TD Bank mobile app accounts can sign in using their duly registered username and password.

To sign up for online banking, the TD Bank app asked me to choose my TD Bank account, whether personal, small business, or personal & small business. Then, I provided the following personal information: Social Security Number, TD Bank account number, and email address.

Once the TD Bank app confirms my identity, I can now proceed to create a username and password to ensure that I will be the only one to access my account on the app.

Managing My TD Bank Accounts on the App

One of the primary features of the TD Bank app is account management. It lets me easily manage my money and TD Bank accounts. Whether I have a credit or debit card, I can control my finances anytime and anywhere.

TD Bank App - How to Download and Apply for a Card

It is possible to control my TD Bank accounts, such as activating a new card, reporting my lost, stolen, or misplaced card, requesting a new card, locking my card, and many more. I can even set a temporary debit card limit via the TD Bank app.

In addition, I liked that it is easy to switch between my TD Bank accounts on the app to check my current account condition. For example, I could check my current balance on my credit account and send money using my debit account.

I only need a few taps on my phone to do all of these actions on the TD Bank app. This proves that the TD Bank app indeed provides convenience.

Receive Account Alerts

The TD Bank app wants me to stay on top of everything happening on my TD Bank accounts. Thus, it provides personalized account alerts to inform me of my account’s status and every transaction made.

These account alerts let me know if I have a high or low balance, especially on my credit account. It helped me keep track of the upcoming due dates, so I would not miss paying on time. All the alerts will be sent through my registered email.

In addition, these account alerts serve as a security feature because I am informed if there are attempts for any unauthorized or suspicious transactions made using my account.

Pay Bills Online with the TD Bank App

The TD Bank app also offers the Bill Pay feature, a free, quick, and convenient way to pay my bills online. It allows me to pay anyone in the United States via other banks.

TD Bank App - How to Download and Apply for a Card

I only need to set up the Bill Pay feature to use it. The TD Bank app asked me to set up bills and make payments quickly and easily. Once I send payment, it only takes a few moments for the recipient to receive the payment.

However, some bills may be available for next-day payment. Then, I will get electronic bills sent directly to Pay Bill from any company, and I can set up email alerts to notify me once there’s a new bill.

Transfer Money via the TD Bank App

One of the most used features of the TD Bank app is money transfer. I do not need to visit a TD Bank branch to transfer money between my accounts, as it can be done through the mobile banking app.

The TD Bank app also supports sending and receiving money to and from my family members and friends. I only need to provide their accurate bank account details where the money will be sent accordingly.

Request a New Card via the TD Bank App

Card application is an addition to the TD Bank app features list. If I lose my debit card, it lets me request a new card through the mobile banking app.

TD Bank App - How to Download and Apply for a Card

The bank calls this feature the instant-issue debit cards, wherein I can get a new debit card as soon as I report mine missing.

The banking institution lets me lock the account first on the TD Bank app while I wait to get a replacement.

Apply for a TD Bank Credit Card Online

Aside from card replacement, applying for a credit card online is possible. I need to read about the credit cards offered by the bank and provide the necessary documents to proceed with the application.

Although the application is done online, I might be asked to visit a TD Bank branch to submit documents or complete the application.


The TD Bank app allows users to control their TD Bank accounts anytime and anywhere. The TD Bank app offers the following features: account management, online bill payment, money transfer, credit card application, and many more.