Find Out How to Earn Fast Food Discounts with this App

McDonald’s is so popular they make and sell close to 50 million burgers every day around the world. After gaining monumental success with their brick-and-mortar outlets, McDonald’s was quick to jump on board with the digitization of their business. 

The McDonald’s mobile app is quickly helping the global fast-food chain deliver the good taste of their burgers in a more convenient way, and is already doing so for over 10 million users who’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store alone. 

McDonald’s is part of our modern-day culture now and after all these years, eating a McDonald’s burger gives you the same feeling you’ve had ever since you had your first one. Stay updated and ensure you get the best deals and discounts from McDonald’s by downloading the McDonalds application.

Find Out How to Earn Discounts at McDonald's with this App
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About the McDonald’s App

The McDonald’s app is built to help the customers order their favorite items, get access to important information, and become eligible to receive offers, discounts, and deals. After its launch in 2017, the McDonald’s app quickly became a hit with its customers. 

Find Out How to Earn Discounts at McDonald's with this App
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Every user can make their own account on the mobile application, which makes the app user-friendly and easy to access. It provides information about the menu, their ingredients, and nutritional information. 

Ordering is easy through the app and its delivery partners as well, offering numerous payment options and various ways to receive your order.

The app also sends deals and offers directly to you. Some deals are customized for each user while others are meant for the entire user base. Our topic today will also focus on the kinds of deals and offers you can access from the McDonald’s application. 

Enhanced Ordering

While you can use the app to find out information about all their menu items and collect discount coupons and deals, ordering is done through their delivery partners, usually Uber Eats, DoorDash, or another popular food delivery partner in your area. The app will launch the respective partner for you from the Order page.

Another one of the amazing benefits of the application is that you can now customize your burger from the application. This is just like using the Subway application where you can easily add and remove the ingredients as per your choice. 

Added to this, the history option in the application allows you to place the same order again anytime you need. So, it helps you save time in customizing the burger every time you want to have a bite.

Customized Deals

Right after you log in, you will come across a few deals and discount offers to choose from. For setting up your account as a new user, you will be awarded “One Free Sandwich.” This offer is available only for first-time app users, and it can take up to 48 hours to reflect in your account. 

Find Out How to Earn Discounts at McDonald's with this App
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The app is customized to give you the best user experience. So, it will read your past orders and provide recommendations based on them. The best part about this order tracking is that you will receive some amazing combo offers at unbelievable prices that are exclusive to you. 

This feature is also available when you’re ordering and buying inside a McDonald’s location. For that, you will have to bring your phone and show the offer at the counter. 

Free Fries

Until the end of June 2021, you can get a free pack of medium-sized fries. The condition to get the free fries is that the minimum order must be at least $1. 

So any order above $1 made on a Friday will get the option to receive a free medium-sized pack of fries. This offer is valid till 6/27/2021. 

Navigating the McDonald’s App

The McDonald’s app has a robust menu that features useful tabs for any information you need to know while using it. Accessing the left side slide menu will help you visit different pages including Deals, McDelivery, Food, and Restaurant.

Find Out How to Earn Discounts at McDonald's with this App
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Under the Deals page, you will be able to check out user-specific deals and offers from the application. The Food menu item is where you can find information about the kinds of food at McDonald’s and the latest news. 

Another great feature of the McDonald’s app is that it lets you find the nearest restaurant to your current location. The Restaurants tab is a great feature especially if you are in a new area and want to have a Big Mac. 

For this feature to work, you need to turn on the location sensor in your app. Click on the ‘Restaurant’ option in the left slider menu and select your city to find the nearest restaurants to you.


McDelivery is the name of the partnership McDonald’s has with food delivery providers to bring its great food to your doorstep.

In order to take advantage of home delivery, download the app for the recommended delivery partners to find out which local McDonald’s restaurants participate in McDelivery. Some cities or regions may have a free delivery policy on McDonald’s orders of a certain value or more. 

The McDelivery function made the headlines because of its smart algorithm. If you want to pick-up the order yourself, the app will send an alert to the kitchen informing them about your location when you are nearby. This makes sure your order is fresh when you arrive to collect it.

Exclusive Deals with McCafé

With McCafé Rewards, you can earn points and special deals from McCafé. Your McCafé card is located in your mobile app, and it can be accessed from the home screen or in the Deals section.

Find Out How to Earn Discounts at McDonald's with this App
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After singing-in to the McDonalds app, go to the McCafé section to begin your order. There you will find two options for collecting your reward points. The first option is “Scan Now at Restaurant.” 

This is what you will use when ordering from a McDonald’s location either inside or in the drive-thru. The cashier will either scan the barcode generated on your mobile phone, or you can scan it at the self-serve kiosks.

The section option is “Order a McCafé”, which is for orders being paid for on the app and either picked-up in-store or being delivered to you. These points can be redeemed later to receive more discounts and freebies

Redeem McCafé Points

Redeem your McCafé points after buying five drinks using your McCafé card either on the app or in-store the way we indicated above. 

For every five drinks you buy, you get a sixth one for free.

$0.99 for Premium Coffee

The McDonald’s app offers one premium roasted coffee or an iced coffee only for $0.99. You can only order the coffee once a day.

Find Out How to Earn Discounts at McDonald's with this App
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The best part about this deal is that you can give the order for the coffee every day while the offer is operational. 

As of now, this particular offer is valid until 6/27/2021. 

Otherwise, the price of the large cup of premium-roast coffee is $1.69. That means you can save almost 70 cents every day for four months. That is $28 saved. Now start making a list of things you can buy for 28 bucks and download the application right now. 

How to Download

The McDonald’s app is free to use and free to download.

Find Out How to Earn Discounts at McDonald's with this App
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If you’re an Android user, visit the Google Play Store and search for ‘McDonald’s’ in the search bar. From there, select the application from the search results, by the company McDonald’s USA, LLC. On the McDonald’s app page, click the install button to begin downloading the app to your device.

After the installation is complete, create your profile. Over time, the app will begin to send you deals based on your preferences.  

Downloading for iOS

To download the McDonald’s app for iOS smartphone devices, visit the Apple App Store and search for ‘McDonald’s’ in the search bar function. Select it from the search results, the one by the company McDonald’s USA, LLC, and once you’re on the app’s app store page, click the ‘Get’ button to begin installing it to your device.

After the installation is complete, launch the app and begin creating your profile. After placing orders, the app will begin to send you deals based on your preferences.  


McDonald’s sold its billionth burger way back in 1963, a groundbreaking success for the company, which it televised on national TV for the whole of the USA to witness. Now, the popular chain is making it easier than ever to enjoy their combos and McCafé breakfasts by bringing them directly to you with the touch of a button.

Let the customized deals and offers help you save money while enjoying your tasty favorites from the Golden Arches.