See How to Design a Home with Houzz

Are you thinking of remodeling your house or building a new one? If so, you will need to decorate the interior according to how you’ve always imagined your dream house to be. One option is going with an interior decorator and trusting their judgment and ideas. 

However, you will still need a proper vision for how you want your house to look. There are several great ways in which you can start designing your home. You can look up images based on mood boards, you can go for minimalistic or vintage styles, or you can go for a particular genre. 

This is where Houzz comes into the picture. Let’s delve deeper to unveil the nitty-gritty of the app.

  • What is Houzz?
  • What is the ‘Complete House’ Feature?
  • What Products Can You Shop?
  • Can I Read the User’s Reviews?
  • What is the ‘View in ‘My Room’ Feature?
  • What is Visual Recognition Technology?
  • How to Get Expert Help
  • How to Download Houzz?
  • What are the Market Reviews?
See How to Design a Home with Houzz
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About Houzz

Houzz is an app that lets you build, remodel, or decorate your house exactly the way you want it. If you have no experience or history in interior design, you might not even know what you want until you look at it. 

See How to Design a Home with Houzz
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If this is your approach, you will need lots of options to choose from. Whether your personal style is vintage or modern or anywhere in between, the best way to go about it is to look for something that fits your style. 

Houzz not only gives you a large number of ideas to choose from but also lets you shop for these products right from the app. The app is designed in a way to let you customize everything you want, along with a shopping and reviewing feature that lets you know exactly what your experience could be like.

Key Features

Houzz has a large number of excellent features that can help you not only look for inspiration but also to help you pick and choose what to get based on different styles. There are countless other features included with the app, some of which are explained in more detail below.

Pictures and Photos: This is the first step in remodeling your house, as you want to know what it will look like when it’s finished. With more than 20 million pictures included in the app’s database and interface, Houzz gives you a complete and comprehensive experience when it comes to making the right choice. 

Sorting and Browsing: Do you want a vintage theme with old-timey portraits and couches? Or do you want a monochrome, modern look to your home? Houzz has you covered in this department as well. You can choose the exact style that you want when you’re browsing the app. 

Complete House Feature

Houzz is not just about your living room or your bedroom. Your entire house can be redecorated and remodeled with the help of the features present on the app. Let’s say that you want your living room to have a fresh, sunny day look with lots of natural light and a colorful finish.

See How to Design a Home with Houzz
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You want your bedroom, however, to have a modern-day, technological feel to it. And you want your kitchen to have a completely different look. With support for every room in the house from your attic to your bathroom, Houzz makes this all possible. 

Saving and Sharing: Skip taking endless screenshots of inspiration you find to share with your designer every time you find something you might like in your house. Saving and sharing images, styles, photos, and everything else on the app is just a matter of a few clicks, making your experience easier and seamless. 

Sketching: Imagine that you saw something on the app that fits almost all your requirements. However, there are other items you need to fit in the room that is not included in the image. Houzz makes it possible for you to directly annotate and draw on the photos, making it easier for you to better visualize how the finished room would look like. 

Shop for Products

Say you’ve made a pretty good design in your head of how you want your house to look based on the pictures that you have seen on the app. Your next step would be to look for the products online or at a nearby shop. 

But how many times have you ever found exactly what you’re looking for? There are always compromises to be made in such situations. Houzz takes this problem away with its built-in shopping feature. Everything you can see on the app, you can buy instantly. 

This is not just limited to couches and beds, either. Everything including vanities, cabinets, lighting, furniture, and even tiles are available to buy on the app, giving you complete freedom over your interior and exterior design. 

User Reviews

These days, we never really purchase a product or sign up for a service without doing research on it. With the amount of information available to us on the internet, knowing everything about it is the most important aspect before spending your hard-earned money. 

See How to Design a Home with Houzz
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For this reason, Houzz has a verified reviews feature. This means that real people who have bought the product before you will leave their honest opinions on the product, giving you the satisfaction of knowing if what you’re investing in will live up to your expectations. 

If you’re lucky, you could have the right timing and save a lot! Houzz has periodic featured sales on the app, and you can get up to 75% on the products that you want if you wait for the right time. Money saved is money earned!

The ‘View in My Room’ Feature

This is one of the most impressive features of the app. You always hear stories about how products arrived from online e-commerce apps and their size and fit were not as you expected them to be. With the View in My Room feature, this problem is an issue of the past. 

View in My Room 3D allows you to use your camera and focus on your room. You can select any product available and see exactly how it will look in your room, if the size and shape of it are right, and if it will leave you enough space to make your room feel more spacious. 

About Visual Recognition Technology

Did you see something on Houzz photos that you absolutely loved and would want for your own home? Usually, this would mean writing up the description of the item and browsing until you find something that meets your requirements. 

See How to Design a Home with Houzz
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With Houzz, you get Visual Match. This means that the app uses visual recognition technology to buy products and materials directly from the home design pictures that you can see on the app, reducing the time and effort it takes to find them. 

Get Help from Experts

Sure, setting up a couch or a bed in your room is not work. But what about the more professional aspects of it like tiling? Houzz has more than 2.5 million active home improvement professionals that you can hire to do the job for you. 

This ensures that you do not have to take any extra steps when it comes to remodeling your home. Architects, general contractors, interior decorators, repair professionals, and more are available for your service directly from the app’s platform. 

Houzz also has a biweekly newsletter that includes interesting and informative articles about every aspect of home design, decorating, and remodeling. You can get information including but not limited to home tours, full kitchen and bathroom remodeling guides, news about home renovation, organizing guides, decorating tricks, and even gardening tips. 

How to Download

Houzz is free to download for both Android and Apple operating systems. You can download it by visiting the Google Play Store for Android devices, or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. 

See How to Design a Home with Houzz
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As the app is free to use, there will be certain features in it that you might have to deal with. For example, the app has ads that you will need to close while using it. 

Market Reviews

Houzz has been one of the best apps on the market for a long time when it comes to this industry. It has been featured in multiple magazines and publications for its ease of use, its large library of styles, and the multiple other features present in the app. 

It was at the top of the list on New York Times’ “Best Apps For Home Improvement”, and it was called the “single best source for finding inspiration” by the Washington Post. Houzz was also referred to as the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN

The Bottom Line

Designing, decorating, or remodeling a house today can be overwhelming. This is not because there aren’t enough resources for it, but for the exact opposite reason. How do you know which is the best choice to make when there are so many options out there?

Houzz helps you visualize exactly how you want your house to look and how you should go about decorating it. You also get high-resolution pictures, multiple styles, support for different rooms, and the ability to shop directly from the app. If you’re making changes to your home, definitely check out Houzz!