Wish – Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App

Do you want to get your favorite products delivered to your doorstep as quickly as possible in 2021? Wish.com is a perfect choice. With over 500 million+ users, you can now skip going to the mall and find the best items on Wish direct from manufacturers at a very reasonable price.

The e-commerce shopping app Wish has grown tremendously popular, with groundbreaking sales for buyers and sellers alike. It connects shoppers directly to the product with over 100 million manufacturers so that shoppers can find a variety of products at affordable prices.

The Wish app contains products of similar quality as you would get at the mall but at much lower prices. Let’s learn more about it!

Wish - Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App
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About the Wish App

Wish is an American electronic commerce site that promotes seller-buyer transactions, launched in 2010.

Wish - Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App
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As of 2019, Wish was the world’s third-largest market for e-commerce by sales, and now the world’s third-largest e-commerce market by sales, it claims about 90 million consumers every month.

The app uses browsing technology, which visually personalizes shopping for and customer and is programmed to create shoppers’ preferred lists of their favourite items prior to matching them with merchants.

Since Wish has removed the intermediary and the need for warehouses and storage, Wish has no staff to pay for storage and other operations. All these eliminated expenses preserve products at an incredibly low price on Wish.

How to Download

Wish can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices. All you have to do is visit the Play Store and type “Wish” in the search bar. Select the “Wish” by “Wish Inc.” and press the green install button. Wait until the application has been downloaded and installed, and it will be ready for you to use.

For Apple and iOS users, you can find the app on the App Store by searching for Wish and clicking the light blue option with the white ‘W’. Press ‘Get’ and allow the requested permissions.

After downloading the application, you can launch it to view the products on Wish, but first, you will need to create an account by entering your Facebook or Gmail login, or by creating new login credentials for the app.

Main Features

Wish is acclaimed as one of the most popular and successful shopping applications because of its intuitive recommendations based on what it believes you would like to purchase. To ensure that consumers obtain exact results on what they are looking for, Wish provides a set of customized filters.

Wish - Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App
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Wish promotes the search for goods for customers with various helpful filters. Customers may choose the category of products and add color filters, product classification, and tags.

Wish uses the data provided by the users to provide the most precise and appropriate results for the purchasers, relating to their indicated preferred or rejected items.

With its algorithm configured, the software rapidly processes the extensive new data and learns to give the shoppers a precise scope of products to consider.

Variety of Products

Wish has a seemingly infinite inventory: if you can think of a product you can almost certainly buy it on Wish. The app is primarily known for niche goods and budget products, covering categories such as beauty, fashion, appliances, gadgets, and more.

Before placing the order, be sure to read the summary and feedback on an item so that, say, for example, you can make sure that something costly, such as an engagement ring or higher-priced electronics, is of the standard advertised for the product.

Amazing Discounts

Wish is popular for offering amazing deals and huge discounts on many products. Often, these discounts range from 60% to 90% off. You will be able to see the original price of the product as well as the Wish price when you’re shopping.

Wish - Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App
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This allows you to see the discount you receive as well as to get a feel for the value of the item you purchase. On Wish.com and the Wish app, there are many other ways of having great offers.

In-app games called Blitz Buys are offered by the Wish app. To win exclusive offers and rebates, you can spin the wheel every day. Blitz transactions are available for minutes or hours at a time only, so after you spin the wheel, you will need to pay attention to the timer.

Wish gives away free products every day. Free items are given from 9 p.m. till 9:15 p.m. on certain days. So, the first 10 to 50 individuals have access to these products. Find out more details about these freebies on the Wish website.

Easy Policy, Happy Customers

If you buy something and are dissatisfied with it, you may be offered Wish Cash by customer service. If you have Wish Cash, it is applied to your next purchase automatically. There are terms and conditions when using or redeeming Wish Cash, but it is a nice benefit from their customer service to keep customers happy.

If you log into the Wish app, even if you don’t make a purchase, you will earn reward points, so you should log onto to your Wish app daily. Such reward points may be used for any purchase but may not be used to pay for shipping costs. To receive further discounts off your purchase, you can use the points.

How to Use Wish

The platform is divided into several categories: common things, items that are part of an extra discounted merchandise sale once a day, recently viewed, outlet items, and items in different categories of products such as fashion or home décor.

Wish - Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App
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To search for the desired item in the store, tap the magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the screen and type the item name into the search bar. Press enter to view the results for the product, or select a particular result from the list of suggested searches that appear when you type the item name.

Once you find the item of your choice, it is important to look at the details of the product, such as shipping options, return and refund policies, colors, sizes, and reviews. The seller’s ratings can also be viewed by tapping ‘Store Rating’ in the blue bar at the top of the screen.


The ability to keep tabs on your Wish order through Wish Post is provided to you. When you visit the website, you can simply go to the ‘Shipping Tracking‘ option to track your Wish package.

To monitor your Wish kit, you have to pick the company’s website. A special Wish tracking number of your package is allocated to you. You just need to enter the number and click on the “Tracking information” button. All the specifics of your delivery will be sent to you.

Low Prices and Discounts

When shopping, a picture of the item will be shown for each product and how many customers have bought it. A necklace is priced at $6, for instance has been purchased by 300,000+. The prices on the entire platform are very low: $20 Smart Watches, $14 Bluetooth headphones, $20 Sleeves, $3 or +$4 shirts, etc.

Wish - Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App
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The delivery cost varies from item to item but is usually below $10. Many Wish users reported that they received their orders in a matter of days.

Tips for Using Wish

Before checking out with the product, make sure you keep the promo code option in mind. The “Enter promo code” box can be seen at the bottom of the cart.

You can search for Wish coupons or promo codes from different bloggers and social media influencers on the internet and put them to use so that you can acquire great discounts. The gift card codes can also be entered in the same promo code box to redeem the value.

In order to get the best product from the search results, go through the reviews and check if it matches with the product’s details. For example, check if the item delivered to the customers actually matches the size which is provided in the details. Many brands use different sizing for garments so going through the details and customer reviews can be really helpful.

Shipping Information

Checking the shipping information before buying the product is a smart consideration as well. There is a section for the shipping information in the details of the product, which will tell you how much the shipping cost is and how long it will take the product to be delivered.

Wish - Find Out How to Use the Best Shopping App
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Some products tend to have a considerably small shipping fee, such as $2 or $3, while similar products from a different manufacturer might have a substantial shipping fee, say as much as $9, which may not be worth the fee for a small or cheap item.

Delivery Time

Checking the delivery time is equally important because if it says that the shirt which you ordered will be delivered in 3-4 weeks and you need to wear it to a party this week, it won’t do you any good. Again, check for the reviews of that seller’s shipping practices, whether it is fast or slow.


Wish is a reputable platform and service. The business serves its clients well by offering multiple discounts and a robust refund policy, but the buyer must ensure that the products being sold are what has been advertised, through researching customer reviews on the app before buying.

Overall, if your desire a bargain and you’re looking forward to getting your goods on time, Wish might be a perfect app for saving money.