Fitify App – See How To Do Training Routines

Health is wealth, they say. It is natural to worry about our health and protect ourselves from diseases or things that could harm us. 

Even more common is using our friendly mobile gadget to monitor our health and keep us fit. The Fitify app is one of the mobile applications designed to help you with workout routines and different exercises. 

It offers excellent features and allows customization making it easier to fit your schedule and progress. Keep reading to find out more about the Fitify app.

  • Burn Calories With The App
  • How To Download The App
  • Workouts And Training Plans
  • Customize Your Workout
  • Calendar And Tracking
  • Using The App
Fitify App - See How To Do Training Routines
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Burn Calories With The App

The Fitify app is a workout app that allows users to burn fat and calories. It is not limited to fat burning and weight reduction alone, as it can also be used to build muscles. In addition, it offers training programs with or without the use of equipment, reducing limitations to working out. 

Fitify App - See How To Do Training Routines
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There are tons of exercises in the app focused on different aspects of bodybuilding to cater to various needs. So whether you want an intense workout program or want to keep fit, it offers lots of fun and practical exercises for all.

More About The App

The app is available for Android and iOS users. It has gained over 5 million users from the App Store and Google Play Store since its release in 2018. It has a 4.2/5 rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.8/5 rating on the App Store at the time of writing.

Martin Mazanec founded it, and it has become one of the leading fitness apps in the Health and Fitness category. The app offers a free and paid subscription. As expected, the free use has limited features which the paid subscription unlocks. 

The app is available in up to 19 languages. Major languages such as English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and more are available to fit the user’s preferences. The app can be used online and offline to exercise.

How To Download The App

The app can be downloaded on three major stores for Android users, iOS users, and Huawei users. You can click on the links for the individual stores to be redirected to the stores based on your mobile device’s operating system. 

Fitify App - See How To Do Training Routines
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Go to the Google Play Store, App Store, or App Gallery to be redirected to the app’s installation page. While on this page, click on the “Install” button, and the download would commence on your device. 

Make sure you have enough storage space on your device to accommodate the app.

Permissions And Requirements

Like most apps on the Google Play Store, the Fitify app requires an Android operating system of at least Android 4.0. Preferably, an Android 5.1 and above is needed, although the app works on lower Android versions.

The app size on the Google Play Store on download is 91 MB, although the app size tends to increase by using it. iOS users require an iOS version on iOS 12.0 or later for optimum performance of the app. The size of the app on download is 204.4 MB.

There are also permissions required by the user for the app, such as access to your device camera, storage, internet connection, Wi-Fi, among others. View the app’s installation for more information about permissions and requirements.

Workouts And Training Plans

There are various features and benefits of the app. Some of them would be discussed in minor detail, while others can be viewed on the app’s installation page.

Fitify App - See How To Do Training Routines
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There are over 900 exercises in this workout app. It offers the losing weight and burning fat benefit with mild to medium exercises and bodybuilding exercises. There are daily workouts, prebuilt workouts focusing on selected body parts, and recovery sessions for stretching, Yoga, and Foam Rolling sessions.

The app serves as a fitness coach, guiding you to achieve your fitness goals. It has voice commands that go along with exercises that motivate and give you a coach feel while working out. 

Coupled with the HD video demonstrations of activities, it serves as a general guide. It has easy-to-follow video exercises and a workout blender feature, ensuring that your fitness routines are never the same.

With Or Without Equipment

Quoting the famous phrase from the app, “Who needs a gym?” That is right because the app breaks through the limitations of the gym by allowing you to exercise anywhere. In your bedroom, in the garden, if you will, or at work, as long as your boss is okay with it.

And even though it offers lots of exercises that can be done without equipment, there are also exercises with equipment. So from the Kettlebell to using the Swiss Ball or the Medicine Ball, to using the Dumbbell, Barbell, Pull-Up Bar, it caters to all these tools for exercise.

Customize Your Workout 

The customization feature of the app is the most remarkable feature that I love about the app. It allows you to take control of your well-being by organizing your routines. 

Fitify App - See How To Do Training Routines
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You can decide how long an exercise should take, how long the recovery time should be, the part of your body to exercise, and more. You can select your activities, filter from the 900+ exercises, and select the best fit for you.

This makes it a good choice for all the different levels of fitness. It also reduces repetition in exercises, speeds up or reduces your training routines, and manages your workout time effectively. 

Strength, High Intensity, And Cardio

As I mentioned, the app is suited for fitness goals of all levels. So what if you are trying to build your muscles as well as keeping fit. 

The app got you covered with exercises tailored for a full-body workout, insane six-pack, strong back, complex lower body, explosive power jumps, complex upper body, shoulders & upper back, and much more.

It offers high-intensity workouts, light cardio, recovery sessions, yoga, and other special exercises.

Calendar And Tracking

What better motivation is there than to be able to see how far you have progressed? Losing 20 pounds in three months is impressive, but losing 35 pounds involves even greater determination and strong will.

Fitify App - See How To Do Training Routines
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The app keeps track of your exercises and training routine over the time you perform the said exercises. You can view your progress at any time and adjust your fitness plans. It helps as a tracking tool whereby you can see your history and smile at your fantastic progress over time.

It helps to turn exercise into a habit as you can also add notifications at various time intervals to keep your streak going. 

How To Use The App

From the onset of your first launch of the app, you would be asked about your fitness goal. There are three options available: Gain Muscle, Lose Weight, and Get Fitter. Select from any of these three to start your journey into your personalized fitness app.

Following these selections are questions about the kind of person you are. Questions include your body type, any fitness experience, your age, your height, your weight, the weight you aim to achieve, your activities on a typical day, among other questions for personalization.

I must confess that my first time using the app felt like there were too many questions. But, I gave it a little time to select the options for the inquiries related to me, and it was worth it. I recommend doing the same to get suitable prebuilt exercises just for YOU.

Using The App

After completing the questions, a plan would be derived for you based on the questions you answered. The homepage shows you various training routines for you to select from, and it shows the level of benefits like cardio and strength you gain from completing them. 

Fitify App - See How To Do Training Routines
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Other menus are the Workouts menu, where you can customize workouts, the Exercises menu, and the Profile menu to view your progress, track improvements, and keep motivated with the calendar. 

You can also take progress pics of before and after at different times as a success story.

Costs And Subscription

The free plan is great, but you need to subscribe to the Pro plans to unlock various other benefits. For example, the monthly subscription for the Fitify app is $11.5. However, the annual program of $80 is more economical, allowing you to save 42% off the regular monthly schedule.

There is a 7-day free trial for the Pro plans allowing you to test the waters before deciding if the subscription plan is for you. 

Make sure to cancel your subscription before the time runs out if you do not want to proceed with the Pro plan; otherwise, you would be automatically billed for the program you selected.


The Fitify app should help manage your fitness programs. With its wide range of features, you can rest assured that you can attain all your fitness goals with dedication and follow-up using the app as a guide and tool.