Use the Fabulous App to Master Self Care

Many people struggle to change their habits, mainly because they’ve already established certain routines and practices over time. Good thing, mobile applications like the Fabulous app can help build healthy habits and act as a personal coach for enhancing a person’s way of living. 

This mobile application works well for individuals who lack concentration, motivation, and overall happiness. It’s a holistic tool for helping you get quality sleep, building healthy habits, and leading a quality lifestyle, and achieving body goals. 

Want to take the plunge and discover how the Fabulous app can uplift your lifestyle and daily routine? Check out this guide on the benefits of the app, its main features, and other useful information to get started using the Fabulous app. We look in particular at the following subjects.

  • What Is the Fabulous App?
  • Emphasizing Self Care
  • Features of Fabulous
  • How to Use the Fabulous App
  • How to Download the Fabulous App
  • Cost and Membership
Use the Fabulous App to Master Self Care
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What Is the Fabulous App?

At a glimpse, the Fabulous application helps users track and build healthy habits, plus create a unique set of routines. It’s based on a user’s journey to having an enhanced lifestyle, improving overall habits and practices. What’s more, it provides a series of health advice on leading a more active lifestyle. 

Use the Fabulous App to Master Self Care
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Moreover, it supports people experiencing mental disorders by providing a grounded approach to mindfulness. In case you want to get active, the Fabulous app also features full workout routines to get the body moving. Simply put, the app presents opportunities to rewire the brain and make users feel more driven. 

Each journey, a user can set specific routines, as simple as drinking about eight glasses of water a day, doing a 15-minute workout, or as big as completing a full workout routine. Over time, the application aims to help users build a sustainable and healthier lifestyle by following a sound routine. 

Routine Tracker 

One can associate the Fabulous app as a routine tracker, mainly for its features. As some people prefer tracking activities throughout the day, the app can actually provide insights on the things that need to be accomplished. This gives a boost in terms of making people feel productive even with small tasks performed. 

The application promises to reset a user’s life, as it’s backed with science that helps a person track and creates a set of routines that work for their schedules and lifestyle. The great thing about it is, users can add more habits and customize according to their liking or preferences. 

Emphasizing Self Care

Fabulous App isn’t only a simple and straightforward routine tracker but transforms into a useful tool for encouraging people to move, accomplish things, and be better. It highlights self-care more than anything, celebrating small and big wins throughout a person’s journey. 

Use the Fabulous App to Master Self Care
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For the most part, the application gives insights into how long each task or routine will take. This gives users a glimpse of how their day will be and what specific part of the routine will take a longer time to be accomplished. 

Therefore, instead of scrolling through social media and not being productive, a Fabulous app can remind users to do other things like working out, drinking water, and others. It serves as a reminder to get things together, work things out, and get back in shape. 

Who Can Use the App

There’s no question of whoever can use the Fabulous app; anyone who wants to be productive and achieve more things can benefit from it. Students can surely maximize their time from this, drawing a balance to their everyday routines and caring more for their well-being. 

For working adults or professionals, the app can definitely help prioritize some things in life that most take for granted. This includes a walk outside for a few minutes, reading books, drinking water, eating healthier foods, and finishing tasks left out in the open for too long. 

Features of Fabulous 

Users can enjoy a host of features accessible for enhancing one’s lifestyle. First, it’s easy to add habits to a library of routines and customize them according to your needs or preferences. Each time you are done with a small or big task as part of your routine, tap the Make Me Fabulous’ button to access a meditation.

Use the Fabulous App to Master Self Care
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Triggering this button actually helps to relax, take a break, and relieve muscle tensions from either working, exercising, and other activities. Users can also take a power nap to refresh the mind and body if a specific activity or task is going overboard. It’s like a break, only longer, so users can recharge. 

Another feature to love about the application is the bits of health advice, which are scientifically-backed. There’s even a weight loss program to help achieve the body and weight goals, starting from learning about the healthier food options, alternatives, counting the calories, and others. 

Workout Plans

This is part of the host of features accessible for users. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner; a set of workout plans are available so you can start. There are many plans to enjoy, including yoga, cardio workout exercises, and muscle-targeting routines. 

Note that these awesome features are part of the Premium subscription, as these are considered additional content of the Fabulous app. The personal coach is another cool feature, wherein users can enjoy a one-on-one session with a virtual coach. Following the insights and tips can help achieve body goals easily. 

How to Use the Fabulous App

Once the app is installed on the device, you can already start with your journey. It will ask about your name, gender, usual wake-up time, and email address. Complete the form as you can’t proceed without providing this set of information. 

After a few questions about yourself and your goals, the app will set a personalized habit plan. Users need to make a pact with the Fabulous app to follow the path or journey to success. 

There’s a set of journeys suited for every type of user. These journeys include goals to get better sleep, be motivated, achieve impactful things, a better body, stay focused, and others. 

Creating Rituals

As mentioned, users can customize the rituals or habits in the morning, afternoon, and evening. One can set the alarm when waking up, and it’s also possible to schedule this alert in the afternoon or evening, depending on a user’s schedule. Once the alarm goes off, the application automatically activates, and users can complete the habits. 

What’s great is that you get beautiful imagery on the screen for every habit listed under morning, afternoon, or evening ritual, complete with a timer and checkbox. Once a habit is completed, you can tick off the item and move on to the next one. It’s this easy, allowing you to feel fulfilled every time you accomplished a task. 

The Fabulous app even challenges users to complete at least three tasks or items per week. If not done, the app will have several reminders to help establish the habits. Many pre-programmed habits are accessible, but users can always customize, add, or remove habits from their rituals. 

How to Download the Fabulous App

The Fabulous app is available on iOS devices. To start, look for the app in the Apple App Store. Tap Get or Download and wait for the installation to complete. After this, you can finally run the app and sign in. 

Use the Fabulous App to Master Self Care
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There’s free content in case you don’t want to get the Premium subscription. With the membership, you can access additional content and features not available on the free version. 

Focused Work

There’s even a feature allowing users to concentrate on their task or work, be it a digital one or not. With this setting, there would be no distraction at all, no screen time too, so it’s easier to complete each task. 

The app also features a weeks-long productivity journey to take control of your time and activities. To anchor the habit, users can take on the same Focused Work setting as part of the rituals and then actually get to work. 

Cost and Membership

There’s a big difference between upgrading to the Premium version because most of the good features are linked to the paid version. However, users can get a feel of the free version first to see if it’s working for them or a need to upgrade. 

Use the Fabulous App to Master Self Care
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The first week of using the app is completely free, but after that, users need to get a Premium subscription that costs $9.99 per month or $7.99 per month for a year subscription or a one-time payment of $95.99

Progressive Routines

What’s important to know about the Fabulous app is, it’s progressive, constantly elevating the experience and routines for users. In the beginning, the app will ask questions about a user’s routine, goals, and what’s troubling them. This helps to pre-program rituals that could help the person. 

Over the course of using the app, users are introduced to new journeys and challenges to enhance the experience. There will be a set of positive messages and quotations, too, supplying users with daily motivation and inspiration to push forward throughout the day. 

The progressive feature actually helps to avoid users being bored with almost the same rituals daily or weekly. By bringing in new challenges, users can have something to look forward to and actually feel more fulfilled by completing the tasks presented. 

Bottom Line

Self-care is integral and should be prioritized to become the best version of yourself. With the Fabulous app, it’s easier to achieve goals and celebrate small or big wins so that you can develop healthier habits and lifestyles.