WalkFit – The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans

Your body is unique and it has capabilities that you can’t even imagine. For some, maintaining your weight and managing your health can be a troublesome ordeal. Thankfully, there’s an app that will help you track your activity, keep you healthy through walking, and make every activity you do as fun as possible.

WalkFit is a great app to use if you want to begin your journey towards a healthier you. With the best exercise programs and some of the most fun challenges to mix things up, the app will help you find the right program for you. 

Each person will have their own set of routines ranging from a 10-minute walk to a rigorous exercise regimen. Check out what WalkFit is, how you can use the app to stay fit, learn easy fitness plans, and more with the article below.

  • All About WalkFit
  • Tracking Your Calories in a Much Easier Way
  • Keep Track of Your Physical Activity with WalkFit
  • Reach Your Goals Faster with Personalized Workout Programs
  • Gain Access to More Features by Subscribing
WalkFit - The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans
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All About WalkFit

WalkFit is a user-friendly walking app where you get to set your fitness regimen and track your health goals. Follow your individualized fitness program through a series of sessions and challenges or simply go out for a walk. 

WalkFit - The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans
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Burn calories and stay fit with just a simple app. Start with just a few steps every day and you’re on your way to a healthier and better you. 

See the results in just four weeks with the help of WalkFit. Track your daily steps and burned calories as you lose weight with the help of a professional coach found within the app. 

Check out WalkFit in the Google Play Store for Androids and the App Store for iOS devices. 

Sync Your Fitbit with WalkFit

WalkFit can be downloaded on your phone but it is best paired with your FitBit. Sync your FitBit after downloading the app and you’ll have a better way to track and manage your physical activity throughout the entire day. 

Fitbit counts the steps while WalkFit provides you with better health solutions to reach your goals. When you sync your Fitbit with the app, you can always check the distance you’ve traveled, count the steps you’ve taken, and track your progress no matter where you are. 

WalkFit alongside your FitBit has a built-in GPS that lets you track your outdoor activities. It’s a partnership that will truly give you everything you need.

Tracking Your Calories in a Much Easier Way

The calorie tracker is another great feature found within the WalkFit app. It is one of the best ways to track your progress and help you switch from unhealthy habits to healthier choices. 

WalkFit - The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans
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Having the calorie tracker within the app allows you to remember what you have eaten that day as well as keep track of the calories that you have consumed so far. 

This prevents you from eating too much or not eating enough which will affect the way you lose or gain weight. The tracker also helps you realize that you still have a lot of work to do with your weight. 

It can even help you understand your eating habits. Overall, it’s a great addition to the app that will help your transition to becoming a healthier person much easier.

Making the Right Decision with the Calorie Tracker

Counting your calories is an efficient and effective method for creating a healthier body. For one, you make better choices because of the data that is shown to you. 

The first couple of days of using the app will show you how much you have improved and in the coming weeks, you’ll find out that you have fully transformed yourself into someone much healthier. 

You begin to learn how to consume food properly, how many calories you need to consume daily, and how many calories you need to burn to stay within the healthy range. The calorie tracker within WalkFit allows you to make the right decision when it comes to your choices.

Keep Track of Your Physical Activity with WalkFit

A pedometer is a great way to help you measure your physical activity throughout the entire day. It differs from the aforementioned calorie tracker as it measures the calorie you consume and how much you need to burn to maintain your weight. 

WalkFit - The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans
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A pedometer tracks how much you’ve worked out for the day which is a reliable motivational tool to keep you going. 

You can see the results at the end of the day by simply looking at the pedometer. 

WalkFfit has a built-in pedometer that lets you manage your physical activity and helps you understand how much work you need to do to achieve your goals.

Manage Your Workout Sessions

We already know that quality exercise is needed to decrease or even manage the risk of diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Having a pedometer allows you to measure the amount of physical activity that you need to do to reach your goals. 

Knowing this, you determine your workout program and manage your physical activity for the rest of the day. The pedometer is a great way to set both your short-term and long-term health goals. The app is a reliable source of information to gauge your daily physical activity. 

There are times that we overestimate ourselves and end up exhausted with our workouts. WalkFit helps you manage the amount of exercise you need to do every day. This way, you will never have to exert too much effort or strain yourself from your workout sessions.

Reach Your Goals Faster with Personalized Workout Programs

WalkFit features different workout programs for different types of individuals. Each person’s health journey is unique. Everyone has to work on something to reach their goal and WalkFit recognizes the individuality of each person. 

WalkFit - The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans
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This is why the app offers a personalized workout plan for every user. You get to have fitness plans suited for your body type and the frequency of your workout sessions. 

Whether you want to go easy or go hardcore with your workout, WalkFit offers a lot of dynamic workout plans to help keep you excited about each workout session. 

Having a personalized workout program feels like having your own personal trainer. You reach your goal much faster when you have a series of workouts to follow.

A Wide Array of Walking Fitness Challenges

If you’re fond of challenging yourself to test your limit, WalkFit also offers Walking Fitness Challenges where you get a series of challenges to complete. From a simple fat-burning interval walking to endurance and HIIT challenges, there’s always something for everyone. 

The app features different types of challenges such as the highly-strenuous Calorie Killer challenge down to the calm and peaceful 10-minute walk challenge. 

Whether you want to be outdoors through walking and running exercises or indoors with treadmill workouts, you’re always going to be challenged to get fit and healthy.

Gain Access to More Features by Subscribing

WalkFit offers a long list of features including the walking distance tracker and many other health plans that are readily available on the app. 

WalkFit - The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans
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However, if you truly want to improve your health and gain more access to many other health tips and workout plans, the app also offers a subscription plan. The plan allows you to gain access to a wide variety of weight loss exercise plans and many other features. 

There are plenty of options for you to reach your fitness goal with the subscription. If you are not interested in running, then the app provides an alternative approach to your weight loss mission so you’ll always have an opportunity to work on your fitness goal. 

You get to modify your fitness plans and work towards a healthier and better you with WalkFit.

Level Up Your Fitness, Health, and Wellness

Physical activity does not need to be a complicated matter. There is no right or wrong way to get healthy. Staying fit can include a simple exercise within your living room or a daily walking session. 

All of these options can help you live a healthier life. Using the WalkFit app has tons of benefits including maintaining a healthy weight while also losing body fat. 

The exercise plans found in the app will help you manage your health conditions such as high blood pressure and let you gain control of your health. Using WalkFit helps improve your cardiovascular wellness, strengthen your muscles, improve your endurance, and most of all, help reduce stress and tension from your body.


WalkFit offers a lot more than just tracking your daily steps. From the moment you launch the app, you’ll see just how important it is to stay fit and track your daily activities while also being excited about your next exercise or walking routine. 

Go ahead and download the app today to start your fitness journey.