Application To Be Seen By Doctors – See How To Use The Teladoc App

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to visit a doctor but somehow cannot? Whether the reason is, you cannot find a convenient appointment time, or maybe you are in a location that makes visiting a doctor physically impossible. 

Well, not to worry now! In the 21st century, we have all the technologies that make our lives much easier and comfortable – telemedicine is one example of them. Telemedicine is simply the practice of medicine using modern-day technology to deliver care at distant places. 

Today, there are hundreds of amazing telemedicine apps; therefore, finding one particular that works the best can be pretty overwhelming. Thus, ending your quest to find the best telemedicine application, we bring you Teladoc. Below, you will find all the details you require about the Teladoc app, its features, and how to use it.

  • What Is Teladoc?
  • A Pool Of Professional Doctors
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed Under HIPAA Compliance
  • Apple HealthKit Integration
  • How To Use The App
  • Awards And Accolades
Application To Be Seen By Doctors - See How To Use The Teladoc App
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What Is Teladoc?

Teladoc is the first and one of the leading telehealth service providers based in New York. The platform delivers the right care to the patients when they need it the most – from primary care and mental health to nutrition and expert medical services. 

Application To Be Seen By Doctors - See How To Use The Teladoc App
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Teladoc is determined to provide the best medical services to those in need through phone and video consults, 24/7. Additionally, the platform vows to offer supreme guidance by expert doctors and at the same time has collaboration with insurance companies to make medical care easier for patients. 

The app enables the patient to receive immediate medical attention without having to visit a doctor’s office. Founded in 2002, Teladoc is the globalized leader in virtual medical care. 

The app is currently active in over 130 countries and serves more than 40 million people around the globe. The best part, the platform can be accessed by anyone via its website or through both Android and iOS applications. 

Teladoc – The App

The world’s largest telehealth service provider launched its new mobile app medical experience in 2017 at Health 2.0 Fall Conference. The Teladoc app is probably the simplest way to gain access to every service provided by the platform. And, the best part is its availability on multiple platforms. 

With the Teladoc app installed on the phone, users can access quality and convenient healthcare on-demand. Users can talk to doctors, plan a visit, and pick up prescriptions via the app. 

Additionally, the app is packed with amazing features that can come in handy when looking for the best healthcare in the United States.

A Pool Of Professional Doctors

Teladoc has a massive pool of over 3,000 expert doctors, who are U.S. board-certified in various aspects. All doctors in Teladoc have at least 20 years of practice experience, which means that your medical care is in the best hands. 

Application To Be Seen By Doctors - See How To Use The Teladoc App
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These expert doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medicines for almost any type of medical issue. Whether you need consultation for flu and cough or allergies and rashes, the app offers a one-stop solution.

Want more? Doctors at Teladoc are also qualified for treating depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Moreover, users can also find therapists, specialists, nutritionists, and even licensed nurses for home care. 

Not just that, Teladoc also facilitates and arranges lab tests in the nearest pharmacy and pathology labs.

Schedule Appointments For Visit

Not just get advice from the experts, Teladoc users can also set appointments, request visits, and meet the doctor in person. This way, users can provide a brief medical history to the doctor personally and receive detailed information about the cure of your medical issues. 

Once you talk about your issues with the doctor in person, you tend to get better clarity about the issues. When the issues are clear, then comes the prescription part. If medically necessary, users can collect the prescribed medicine from any local pharmacy of their choice.

Confidentiality Guaranteed Under HIPAA Compliance

We all, as patients, intend to keep our medical problems or issues private or like to share them with our doctors. 

Application To Be Seen By Doctors - See How To Use The Teladoc App
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Teladoc understands that fact and hence, takes the privacy issues very seriously. 

Users’ visits and consultations are kept secure and confidential under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance.

Quick Response Time

Teladoc is specifically used for patients who require immediate action or care for non-emergency medical issues. It is probably the best, affordable, and at the same time a convenient care option for urgent care and ER visits. 

It is also worth noting that Teladoc does not replace your personal or family doctor – Teladoc is just an alternative if you cannot visit your personal doctor. The best part about the Teladoc app is the quickness in response. 

Once users ask for a call from the doctor, it takes the platform less than 10 minutes to find the doctor who will call you back – which is pretty fast. By any means, if the user is unable to receive the call, they are returned to the bottom of the waiting list. If users do not receive the call after three times, the consult request is canceled automatically.

Apple HealthKit Integration

Another great feature about the Teladoc app is that it utilizes Apple HealthKit integration to enhance the users’ experience. 

Application To Be Seen By Doctors - See How To Use The Teladoc App
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Teladoc’s flawless integration with the Apple HealthKit provides a better diagnosis and imports all the recent medical details of the patient, including blood pressure, temperature, and heart rates. 

With this particular feature on board, doctors will have better access to medical details of patients first hand before the patient’s visit. 

This gives doctors time to check the details, understand the patient’s issues, and thus provide better care. 

The Growing Popularity Of The Platform

The virtual care giant works worldwide across multiple industries and sectors. As mentioned above, the platform collaborates with employers worldwide, hospitals, health centers, insurance companies, and other health providers. Talking about individual patients, the leading healthcare platform is accessed by millions of users. 

Today, the app is available on both Android and iOS platforms with over two million combined downloads and overall has more than 50 million members (including web platform). The anytime and anywhere advantage of the platform makes it much popular among patients seeking quick solutions to their medical issues.

Currently, the popularity of Teladoc has been growing exponentially and is determined to grow in the coming years. In the first quarter of 2020 only, the platform experienced a staggering 92% growth in visits and total revenue of $180 million. With the ongoing lockdown situations and people’s growing preference for the virtual healthcare solution – these figures do not come as a surprise. 

How To Use The App

Now let us come to the major part of this article: using the app. The app has an extremely easy-to-use user interface – the first thing you require to do is download the app. The app can be downloaded via both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Just search Teladoc on the search bar, and you will find the app right on top. 

Application To Be Seen By Doctors - See How To Use The Teladoc App
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Click on the download icon to initiate downloading and install the app on your phone. Once the app is installed, users are required to set up an account. While creating the account, users are asked about the employer or insurance carrier, or users can also register as individual patients. 

Next step – provide your medical history with accurate information for the doctor to make a precise diagnosis. Finally, when the account is set up, users can request for doctor’s consultation anytime and anywhere. 

You can talk to the doctor on a phone or video call, making the consultation much more fruitful.

What Are The Costs?

Coming to the cost sections, the app does not have any free version – however, the app is free to download

Teladoc pricing starts at just $49 per feature, which is a one-time payment. It is also worth noting that the app does not have any trial versions. 

The actual product’s price can vastly vary depending upon the features you need and choose to use. Users can directly talk with the vendor and figure out the actual price when they find the right service for themselves.

Awards And Accolades

Over the years, the app has come out as one of the best telehealth applications that exist in the market. Its ease of use, over-the-top health care facility, and highly professional doctors, are some of the best sides of the application. 

Application To Be Seen By Doctors - See How To Use The Teladoc App
Image Source: Teladoc Health

The platform has also been awarded multiple global awards, including Company of the Year – HealthCare Dive in 2020, Largest Virtual Care Company, in the same year by Forbes. Recently in 2021, Teladoc was awarded Most Innovative Company – Fast Company. 

Drawbacks Of The App

Now, let us go through a few drawbacks of the app – a major one being canceling appointments without any cause or notification. 

Many users on the app have constantly been complaining about such issues, which the company claims to be working on and might soon be resolved. 

The Bottom Line

Teladoc, the leading name in the telehealth sector, has truly changed the way people see the healthcare system. Whether you are looking for mild medical care or require help for chronic medical issues, Teladoc is probably your best bet.