Audible App: How to Download and Find the Best Podcasts

If you are a podcast enthusiast or enjoy listening frequently to stories, reviews and audiobooks, and you don’t have the Audible app from Amazon, you are missing out on some of the best content. 

Choose virtually any form of audio content, including newly released audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, small-sized audio content and much more. You don’t have to browse your app store for various podcast platforms anymore. With this app, you can find something to listen to every moment

Read on and find out more about the podcast and audiobook experience you can get by using the Audible app. 

Audible App: How to Download and Find the Best Podcasts
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About The Audible App 

Audible is owned by Inc. and offers a platform to purchase and stream audiobooks, podcasts, and other forms of spoken word content. Currently, it is the largest producer and retailer of audiobooks in the United States. 

Audible App: How to Download and Find the Best Podcasts
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The content on Audible includes over 200,000 audio programs from leading audiobook publishers, magazine publishers, newspapers, broadcasters, entertainers, among other sources, available for people of all ages. The Audible library and catalog are available 24/7 and fresh content is added to the catalog every week.  

For example, if you are a business person you can tune-in and listen to business information providers. If you are interested in philosophy, there are audiobooks and podcasts where you can learn more. 

The app is designed in such a way that you can pick any genre book or entertainment you like. Then you can purchase content individually or subscribe. 

How The Audible App Works

With the subscription model, you receive “credits” when using the app that can be redeemed for monthly content and you are granted access to a curated, on-demand content library. 

You have to be an Amazon member to use the Audible app. If you’re not, first open an Amazon account. After signing-in securely with your Amazon account you can start your Audible Premium Plus or Audible Plus membership: your first 30 days are free. 

The better option, however, is to subscribe to the Plus or Premier Plus versions to be able to use all the features offered by the app. The most expensive subscription fee is less than $25 per month. Audible has made it easy to pay through the app using your Amazon account or bank card, for whatever you want to listen to every time you’ve chosen your material.

How To Download Audible For Android

The Audible app is available to download for Android devices on the Google Play Store. The app is free to download.

Audible App: How to Download and Find the Best Podcasts
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To download it, tap on the Google Play icon on your phone, and when it has opened, type “Audible” in the search line and search. 

Click on “Audible app for Android” in the drop-down list. Then tap on “Install.” The app will be downloaded and installed on your phone. There may be prompts to follow – accept the permissions that work for you until the installation is complete.

Download Audible for iOS

The Audible app is available to download for iOS devices on the Apple App Store. The app is free to download.

To download from the App Store, tap on the App Store icon. It is the blue icon with a white “A” in a circle on your home screen. Type “Audible” into the search bar and search. 

Then tap “Audible: Audiobooks and Podcast” that appears in the search results. Tap “Get” and then “Install”. The Audible app will now download to your device. Follow the prompts to get started.

Features Of Audible

Virtually all genres are available on Audible, which makes it very easy to use it as your only listening app. You can relax and tune-in to whatever you want to listen to. If you are not on-the-go and relaxing at home, you can use the same app to download or stream your favorite audiobook to your PC, laptop or tablet. 

Audible App: How to Download and Find the Best Podcasts
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The cost is very low and you even get a 30-day free trial period when you want to explore the possibilities. Downloaded audio material can also be listened to offline, a major bonus while on the go.

If you are not on-the-go and relaxing at home, you can use the same app to download or stream your favorite audiobook to your PC, laptop or tablet. Many users listen to audiobooks they’ve already read but enjoy the freedom to just listen to the book being read to them.

Since 2016, Audible offers an on-demand service known as “Audible Channels”. This service features short-form audio programming from various outlets. The service is deliberately not called a podcast-program. This is to avoid alienating listeners who are unfamiliar with the podcast concept. 

Other Features

Audible is suited for families with children, as there are many stories for kids and other children-friendly material on the app. If you don’t have time to personally read bedtime stories to your kids, the app ensures that they don’t miss out on story time. 

Another good option for story time are the wide range of podcasts available to listen to. For example, the scripted podcast format is similar to a radio drama: a fictional story is told over multiple episodes, using multiple voice actors

Another example is a podcast novel or podcast audiobook, which is also a work of fiction recorded in episodes, and many have a single narrator. 

Getting Started

There are good YouTube videos on the internet with detailed information on how to buy books on Audible and how to listen on your phone. Here we are going to highlight options you have to make your listening experience more enjoyable. 

Audible App: How to Download and Find the Best Podcasts
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With your monthly credits you will receive from Amazon, you can purchase the audiobooks you want, including bestsellers and new releases. Every book you purchase with credits becomes 100% your book, even if you cancel your subscription later. 

Amazon also allows you to preview a book before you buy it. And even if you’ve bought the book and you don’t like it, Amazon currently allows you to exchange the book.

Build Your Own Virtual Library 

Titles purchased with credits are yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription. You get one credit every month to purchase a book and you keep it forever. You also qualify for 30% off any additional titles from the catalog. 

With this book-a month program, you build your own virtual library, and you can listen to any of the books again whenever you want to. Apart from your one book a month you also get 30% off any additional titles from the catalog. 

There are too many features to mention here, but there are excellent YouTube videos with more reviews. The most compelling stories, told by inspiring voices let you fall in love with books again thanks to Audible.

Listening Offline And Scheduling Your Content

By making Audible part of your daily listening routine, you can select and schedule the audio material you want to listen to whenever and wherever you are. Listen to captivating storytelling, updated news, guided meditations, and much more.  

Audible App: How to Download and Find the Best Podcasts

If you know you are going to be in a place where internet is not available, you can download your favorite audiobooks and podcast episodes to your phone while you have an internet connection, which allows you to be able to listen offline

This is very valuable, especially because streaming can use up a lot of your phone plan’s data. If you only want to be streaming audiobooks and podcasts while connected to WiFi, downloading them to your device for offline usage will save you plenty of data each month, and allow you to listen anywhere you want, without needing an internet connection.

Set Limits On Listening

Users of the app also advise that you set yourself a listening routine if you want to listen to different types of audio material during the day. A good example of this is when you get so hooked on the exciting book you’re listening to that you never listen to your late-evening meditation talk

With a scheduled routine you can set time-limits for what you are listening to and stop when you have to listen to something else. You can always continue the next day with your book!


If you like listening to audiobooks, news and discussions, and like to have a good laugh listening to a comedy, you have to get Amazon’s Audible app. You will get all the listening material you want on this one app. You don’t have to search around on the web to get different podcast platforms anymore. 

By using the Audible mobile app you are not limited to place and time to listen to your favorite audio material. You can listen to content as you cook, walk your dog, jog through the park, doing laundry, and virtually any activity you can think of. As long as you have the Audible app on your mobile phone and you have your phone with you, you can listen to the material.