Clue: See Why this App is the Best Fertility Tracker

If it’s been difficult for you to keep track of your monthly cycle, there is an application that makes it easy. Gone are the days when you would have to keep track on your calendar to ensure you don’t miss any important bodily alerts; Clue is here to help! 

Take the guesswork out of your menstrual cycles. Clue, a period tracker application, uses science and research to learn more about your biology and guide you along the way. In this article, we will talk about this handy application and the features that make it effective and unique. 

Clue: See Why this App is the Best Fertility Tracker
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About the App

Clue is a health app related to periods, fertility, and other female health considerations, developed by the Berlin-based technology company called BioWink GmbH. Across roughly 180 countries worldwide, 8 million users have downloaded this app and use it daily because of its convenience.  

Clue: See Why this App is the Best Fertility Tracker
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Clue predicts menstrual cycles, fertility windows, and even symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which makes it super handy for finding out why you may suddenly be feeling stressed or irritated so you can add some stress-relieving activities to your day. The Clue app guides its users through each fertility stage and informs them when they have the highest chance of becoming pregnant

With Clue, you can also track around 30 different health categories, including sex, sleep cycles, pain, exercise routines, hair and skin care, digestion, emotions, and energy levels. Clue has an array of options that will help you form connections between your emotions and your cycle.

The app also explains how contraceptive pill dosages can impact long-term fertility for women, and includes an alarm system to remind you to take your daily pills. It also helps you find out what to do in the event of missing your birth control pills. 

How to Download Clue

To download Clue, you can go directly to Google Play Store, if your phone uses an Android operating system, and search the name to find it. You can install the app from there and wait a few minutes before enjoying all of its features.  

To download for iPhone, go to the App Store and search the app’s name before installing it on your phone.

Clue is 100% free to download and all of its features are completely free to use. However, it also offers a Clue Plus subscription that you can use for 1-month or 12-month subscription time frames. After downloading, if you would like to upgrade your version of Clue, you can go through the menu and click “Get Clue Plus.” From there, you’ll get your receipt from Google or Apple. 

Main Features

Have you ever gotten your period when you weren’t expecting it? You know how annoying that is! Fret not, Clue has a built-in feature that will help you anticipate and plan for all of your menstrual cycles according to your ovulation days. It also has the ability to estimate your fertile days and notify you about them for better planning and forecasting as well.

Clue: See Why this App is the Best Fertility Tracker
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Scientific and straightforward are the two ways Clue likes to describe itself. The app helps you find connections between your moods and symptoms to find patterns about your cycle – you can easily log symptoms like cravings, acne, cramps, and vitality, to figure out what they mean and if they are possibly related to your menstrual cycle. 

Not only this, but you can also log calendar reminders in the app so that you can get notified about the next period, ovulation, fertile window, and PMS cycles. All of this can turn out to be quite useful if you find that you have difficulty tracking your cycles.

Ovulation and Fertility Tracker 

As mentioned earlier, Clue isn’t just a period tracker. It can also help with tracking your fertility windows and ovulation days through their ovulation calculator and basal body temperature tracker. It’s a very useful option for women looking to conceive, and for those women who want to avoid it. 

Clue can be a fertility friend for you when you want to conceive by sending you daily fertility predictions. By using this application, you will easily be able to log ovulation tests and cervical fluids if you’re looking for the most accurate ovulation estimates. 

The application has a built-in feature to help you plan for pregnancy by setting reminders in the calendar, so you’re always aware of the optimal days. Fertility reminders can be sent through your phone’s notifications, so you don’t have to open the app to be notified. 

Pregnancy Application with Week-By-Week Guide

If you’re pregnant, you don’t need to worry about menstruation cycles anymore, and Clue offers a pregnancy mode so that you can set your expected due date through the pregnancy calculator. 

Clue: See Why this App is the Best Fertility Tracker
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Through Clue, you can benefit from a pregnancy-specific calendar and a baby growth tracker, which will help you keep track of each trimester. With the help of this option, you can easily track pregnancy symptoms, baby movements, and so much more. 

If you’re worried about the authenticity of the information, rest assured that their health content is fact-checked. Pregnancy mode will help guide you throughout your pregnancy, week-by-week so that you know beforehand what you can expect.

Learn About Your Period’s Unique Patterns 

Many women often ignore or are unaware of the bodily symptoms related to menstruation, but they can speak volumes! Clue helps you consider all of these symptoms as you log them in the app to tell you more about what they mean. 

Clue will also help you to figure out if you have irregular menstrual cycles. Not only this, but one brilliant feature that Clue has is its ability to help you learn more about what your irregular periods could mean, providing information on possible signs of PCOS, while considering your menstruation symptoms as you log them. 

You can even take the Clue application to your OB-GYN so they can also evaluate your symptoms and logs of past cycles, to give you a more thorough explanation regarding them and provide some options for helping to manage them. 

How to Use the App

Creating an account on Clue is extremely easy. It’s no different than making an account on any other platform. It’s recommended that you make an account first before using the app so you can save your data on their EU-based servers for easy syncing. 

Clue: See Why this App is the Best Fertility Tracker
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You can easily connect your account on Clue with the help of other social media accounts like Google or Facebook. Do note that your data and information will not be shared with these external applications and are only for Clue’s use. To make an account, open the Clue app, go into Clue’s menu and click on ‘Account’ – and follow the instructions.

For security purposes, you will receive an email to verify your Clue account, and you will have to confirm it before you can further explore the application. When your account is activated, you can enjoy all the features mentioned above! Using the account is very simple after that, and you will be asked to enter your data for personalized recommendations and predictions. 

You can find further information about specific topics on their webpage

Additional Tips For Customizing the App

There are many tips for exploring the numerous features on Clue. When you’re using Clue, it would be better for you to tell the app about your birth control method – this can help you get more accurate predictions regarding your cycles and unlock special features. It doesn’t matter if you’ve started using the pill, have recently gone off of it, or that you’re using an IUD. Even if you have just recently started being sexually active, let the application know! It will filter unique content and recommendations for you that way. 

You can also turn off Clue during your pregnancy. The calculations will temporarily stop then, and the small gap will not affect your predictions in any way. They will resume right after you begin menstruating. Other than that, you can keep relevant information up-to-date regarding your pregnancy – for example, the weight, emotions, cravings, and all. 

While using Clue, you can also exclude unusually long or short cycles from the appl so that they don’t affect your averages. An exceptionally long or short cycle might adversely affect the predictions that Clue has set aside for you resulting in the possibility of ovulation days, and your fertile biological window, being predicted incorrectly. To avoid this from happening, you can remove this irregular cycle from the log.


An application like Clue will come in handy for all women around the globe, whether it’s teenagers who have just started their menstruation, women who want to track their cycles, or women during pregnancy. The application caters to anyone who menstruates, in a comforting, gender-neutral language. Tracking your monthly cycle can be much easier with help from Clue.