Discover Pinterest: The Social Network that Changed the Way New Content Is Discovered

Social media has always been used to interact with different types of people and share the same interests. Many social media platforms are centered around a specific feature, and Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the few that has a unique feature.

Pinterest stands out from the rest by its unique take on social media. Instead of allowing you to share your thoughts through text, the platform lets you share images so your followers can have a visual idea of your thoughts. 

Not only that, the platform lets your interests and find more people who share the same ideas. This is why Pinterest is a great social media platform for influencers, ordinary people, and businessmen alike.

Discover Pinterest: The Social Network that Changed the Way New Content Is Discovered
Image Source: USA Today

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows its users to upload and share various visually-appealing images and discover new content and interests by pinning or posting photos and videos across the network for other people to see and discuss. Users may upload them onto their profiles or to different profiles and consult them accordingly. 

Discover Pinterest: The Social Network that Changed the Way New Content Is Discovered
Image Source: The Verge

Most users would have to browse the network using a keyword to find the most exciting discussions amongst its millions of users. Much like other social networking sites, Pinterest starts with registration, where you provide personal details to create an account. You will need to set up a username and password and use them to log in to your account. 

Users will be filling up necessary details to the account, such as interests, so the system can recommend people and topics that share the same interest as you. Users then start adding friends or other users with similar interests and slowly expand them as time goes on. Sometimes, users encounter other users through comments and searching for images and videos. 

The site focuses heavily on lifestyle and allows you to share and open up to a world of like-minded users. This also opens you up to business prospects, especially if you have lifestyle interests and already have many followers. 

Easy to Navigate

While Pinterest is commonly used to bring people with the same interest together, it is also an excellent avenue for businesses to thrive and share their passion with other people. As a social media platform, Pinterest is a host of features that help users navigate the site as seamlessly as possible. 

Several features are already staples in most social networking sites, but some features are quite intrinsic to Pinterest itself. These features help make your experience using the app very easy and convenient while also expanding on the potential of the social networking site’s ability to reach out to as many people as you want.

In line with Pinterest’s goal to connect everyone by sharing interesting images, the social network has offered a great Lens feature. Lens lets users upload images and videos of different things that they find interesting into their profile and share them for the world to see. This feature is commonly used by users who are always on the go.

Mobile Notifications

For those who use the Pinterest app, you will now be able to receive mobile notifications as long as your mobile device has an internet connection. You will be immediately notified if you receive new updates from followers, comments on your posts, mentions from any of your friends, and anything new with the social network.

Discover Pinterest: The Social Network that Changed the Way New Content Is Discovered
Image Source: Business Insider

A board is where you place all of your uploaded images and file them under one category. Previously, boards would have to be edited by the user manually, but with the new Board toolbar, you can set three options that will help you sort each board according to your preference. 

You may also use the toolbar to search for ideas based on each board’s content, thereby opening even more potential to expand your board.

You can also find newly added features such as To-Dos, a simple to-do list related to the board. The Organize feature lets you arrange your boards accordingly, while the More Ideas option will help you find even more Pins that are very similar to the ones featured on your Board.


Lately, Pinterest has expanded from just using images to making videos for its users. The site now has a feature called Native Video, where you can upload promotional videos and other promotional products that you want to share that last up to five minutes. While the feature is still limited to some, it will soon make its way to many site users.

At its core, Pinterest is all about sharing images and videos with users. However, the site was previously limiting itself by isolating its sharing features within site. That is about to change for many users of the app.

Pinterest now allows you to share a Pin, profile, or Board with more options such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and many other social media platforms. This way, you open yourself up to even more audience and potential customers if you are using Pinterest for your business.


Another feature that Pinterest offers is Analytics. For influencers, content creators, and online businessmen, analytics is key to your business’s success. Analytics allow you to see the data on how well your posts are doing and gain popularity with your target audience.

Discover Pinterest: The Social Network that Changed the Way New Content Is Discovered
Image Source: Medium

Knowing is key to the overall success of your online business; hence Pinterest is willing to give you all the data you need. From views to engagements, all of the information can be managed and seen through Analytics.

This also gives you information on which product is getting more views. This will ultimately help you decide which ones are profitable and which ones are not. Analytics is the key to the success of your Pinterest page.

Reasons to Choose Pinterest

You would be surprised to know that Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms. You might think that Facebook and Twitter have dominated the market, but Pinterest is not far behind the game. In 2012, the site was considered one of the fastest-growing websites in history, and the app is 80 percent more effective in generating leads than most social media platforms.

For this reason, many online businesses would want to make a foothold within the platform as it allows them to share their products and expand their market. Users of the platform are generally searching for something that they can emulate or purchase; hence the platform has been getting a lot of attention, especially when it comes to online marketing.

One of the major reasons why people choose to use Pinterest is convenience. Pinterest reduces the steps to acquire the product that they like. Imagine having to go to a store only to find out that they are not for sale.

Discover More

Pinterest does away with that by allowing you to directly contact the profile or the source of the product image you like and see if it is available for sale. This limits the steps needed to purchase the product allowing for a more convenient and smooth transaction.

Discover Pinterest: The Social Network that Changed the Way New Content Is Discovered
Image Source: Professional Jeweller

Imagine Pinterest as the largest search engine for images or a large catalog of readily available products for purchase. This is just one of the many reasons why people are turning to Pinterest.

Pinterest lets you discover more about your audience and what they like. The site allows you to see what is trending and which images are viral within the platform. This will give you more information on what your audience likes to cater your business to your audience.

This will allow you to better understand your audience’s needs so you can build a following or adjust your product to their liking. Having this insight gives many online businessmen and simple Pinterest users the ability to cater to their audience and their needs, thus allowing for a better connection with them.

Tips When Using Pinterest

Suppose you want to gain a massive following for your Pinterest account and ensure that your business is well worth the time and effort. Learn how you can use Pinterest to your advantage. Here are some tips on using Pinterest for business as well as for leisure.

When setting up your Pinterest, make sure that you provide a lot of information. This includes where they can contact you if they like something from your profile. Provide plenty of information, including sources and contact details, so that they can reach out to you at a moment’s notice.

Use this information to connect with your audience. The more you reveal, the more likely you will have similarities with your target audience, so make sure to provide them with accurate information.

Be Active

Make sure to make your profile easily as accessible as possible. Organize your boards, so they are readily available for viewing the moment they land on your page. Ensure that all of the images are properly arranged according to their categories so your viewers won’t have to skim through different sorts of images and run the risk of losing interest.

The key here is retention. The more organized your profile becomes, the more they are likely to stay and get invested in checking out your profile even further.

Continue the Activity

Now that you have a running Pinterest profile make sure that you are also actively engaging with your viewers and visitors. Continue adding images to your profile. Check the Analytics page and see which ones are doing well or draw more views to your profile and seek to find more images similar to those to attract more viewers.

Aim to produce at least five pins a day. You can schedule them if you are busy attending to other concerns but make it a point to pin at that amount every day so your audience knows that you are making an effort to update and stay active.


Pinterest might be treated as a social media platform, but it is more than that. It is a community where people share their interests, offer creative output to many, and open up a conversation line where people can interact. 

This creates an avenue for people to communicate and even do business for those who want to expand their horizons.