Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager

Do you find yourself having to manage and market your business on Facebook through your personal account? 

You might have already set up a Facebook page but having to share your login details and responsibility with others can be tricky especially if you are still new to the industry. This is why the Facebook Business Manager is a great idea for the new-age entrepreneur.

In this article, you’ll learn about Facebook Business Manager and how it can take your online business to great heights. Read on to find out more about the key features and benefits of using the manager to help grow your online business.

  • Take Control with Facebook Business Manager
  • Getting Started with Facebook Business Manager
  • Using Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Your Business Account
  • Full Control Over Who Can Access the Facebook Business Manager
  • Prepare Business Reports with Ease
  • Use the Service Free of Charge
Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager
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Take Control with Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a management tool that allows you to manage your connected business accounts for Facebook and Instagram in one place.

Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager
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Because Facebook owns Instagram, this combining of services makes it much easier for businesses to manage not only their social media presence online, but also to conduct business.

The Facebook Business Manager tool shares metrics and analytics, allows you to schedule posts, and provides an inbox for all your messages across both platforms.

The tool itself can only be accessed by the owner, but access can be granted to others, like staff members.

Why Choose Facebook Business Manager

As the name suggests, Facebook Business Manager was created for online business owners who want to manage their business from one hub instead of running t through separate Facebook and Instagram accounts.

It is an all-in-one place to assess metrics of reach, manage your business’ social media presence, and even manage business goals and advertisements.

You can manage events, forms, and billing all through the Facebook Business Manager.

Getting Started with Facebook Business Manager

Now that you know more about Facebook Business Manager, it’s time to learn how to begin an account. First, you’ll need to set up your own Facebook Business page so you’ll have access to a Business Manager account

Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager
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Then, go to the Facebook Business Manager page and click on “Create Account”. Fill out the necessary information such as business name, email address, full name, and more, and then click “Next”. 

Then select whether to set up the account to promote your own business or service, or to provide a promotional service to others. The second option is geared towards agencies that work for different businesses. 

Click on “Confirm” and you’ll receive a confirmation email that your Facebook Business Manager account has been created.

Assign Access and Designate Your Workload

Facebook Business Manager has a feature that allows you to assign limited access to other people. This option is for adding staff members who are responsible for working in the particular areas managed by Facebook or Instagram. 

You can provide full access through the designation or provide limitations if you simply want them to work on specific pages. To do this, use the Assign Partners option and select “Business ID”, and enter their ID to give them access. 

If they do leave the company, you can always remove their access at any time and give it to another member. 

Using Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Your Business Account

Not everyone can access Facebook Business Manager and you may want to have it that way. 

Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager
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Make your business account on Facebook more secure by boosting your account’s security. This can be done by setting up your account with Facebook’s two-factor authentication

You can activate this feature through the Business Settings option under Security Center to activate this option. 

This lets you add an extra layer of security to the platform ensuring that you secure your business assets.

Set Up Locations for Your Potential Customers

For business owners who have multiple store locations, Business Manager also helps you direct customers to the right location, or the nearest branch, when they’re trying to locate your store. 

Click on Business Manager at the top portion of the screen and select Shop Locations found under Assets. You can add different catalogs, audiences, and much other information at the Assets option. 

Next, click on Add Stores and then Add Manually to manually add the information for each store. This way, your customers will know where they can find the nearest store or even guide potential customers to your location.

Full Control Over Who Can Access the Facebook Business Manager

Businesses that usually have a high turnover rate have a special kind of problem when it comes to the access they provide to their employees. 

Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager
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When an employee leaves their post, it can be troublesome to remove their access and ensure that they won’t be able to access the tool again. 

By having everything under one portal, you gain full control of whom you want to give access to and what you want to limit. 

This ensures that only the right people will have the right access to certain areas of the business making it very secure.

Separating Professional and Personal Lives on Facebook

Some of us are forced to add our managers or employees to our personal Facebook account to be able to keep in touch, especially during emergencies at work. Your personal account should not be used for any business transaction no matter how urgent the issue is. 

Facebook Business Manager lets owners and employees use their work email and ID so any business notification will only run through these contacts. No more adding your employees to your personal Facebook account when you want to collaborate with them.

This also allows employees to create a boundary between their professional life and their personal life. Separating your business life from your private life also means your business newsfeed is on a different platform from your private Facebook newsfeed.

Prepare Business Reports with Ease

Business reports are always a hassle to collect when you don’t have a tool to help you. 

Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager
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Fortunately, with Facebook Business Manager, it is now a lot easier to gather and prepare different reports depending on the type of data that you want to pull from the system. 

With the user-friendly interface, you don’t need a lot of work to pull out certain reports from the tool. Use the wide selection of customized options to help you prepare the business reports you need to present to your team.

A Team Collaboration Effort

In many businesses today, certain groups of people are placed in different departments. There’s less transparency with their work on a daily basis and you’re typically only able to collaborate with them at the end of the month when they present their reports. 

Facebook Business Manager acts to oversee all the transactions made by your employees on your business. With different tiers of access, you provide more visibility to your employees and to the business itself. 

This creates the perfect opportunity for team collaboration where you can discuss your business goals and aspirations with each member of your team. 

Use the Service Free of Charge

Probably the best benefit that you can get when you opt for Facebook Business Manager is that you can use it for free

Facebook Business: What it Is and How to Use the Manager
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Now, you’ll never have to worry about your budget when using the services of a program and you still gain access to a wide variety of tools that will help market and expand your business. 

One such tool is the Facebook Analytics tool where you can combine different data sources into one dashboard. 

This allows you to see all the data, therefore, bringing you more information about your next move.

Get Better Support from Facebook

With so many tools at your disposal, it can be very difficult to track them all down. When getting started using Facebook Business Manager, it would be a good idea to look for help from Facebook Support

Because you are seeking help from a Facebook Business Manager, you’re more likely to get better support from Facebook than if you were using your personal Facebook account. 

They’re more inclined to help you with your concerns if they know you are using one of their recommended and specialized tools for your business on their platform.

To Sum Up

Facebook Business Manager is a highly recommended tool for online entrepreneurs who want to have complete control over their various accounts on Facebook and Instagram. This tool allows better collaboration between team members and transparency across departments.

By having this kind of tool at your fingertips, you gain insight into every aspect of your business leading you to create better opportunities to improve your business and gain more profit while also maintaining security.