Maxim App – Learn How to Use This App to Order Taxis and Food

People can now hail taxis and order food at the same time. The Maxim app was developed to help people order a taxi to travel easily and conveniently.

Over time, the team improved the app by helping users order food and other goods. Parcels can also be delivered through the Maxim app. Lastly, cargo can be moved by booking trucks on Maxim.

Learn more about the Maxim app below and discover how to order taxis or food through the app. 

  • Getting to Know Maxim
  • Learning Maxim’s History
  • Starting with the Maxim App
  • Using the “Order” Services Feature
  • Completing Order Information
  • Tracking Orders and Rides
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Getting to Know Maxim

Maxim aimed to develop innovative technologies for shopping and delivery, freight transportation, roadside assistance, and ordering rides since its establishment in 2003.

Even though the company started in the rural town of Shadrinsk, Russia, it has become one of the world’s most popular taxi ordering service applications. The team made it possible by making their services more modern, accessible, and safe. 

They ensured that their features accounted for the needs of big cities and small towns in different places in the world. This is thanks to its founders, who were all young engineers and experts in industrial processes and production automation. 

Expanding Maxim’s Reach

With just the mission at hand to automate the process of ordering taxi rides as much as possible, a small group of individuals brought the Maxim app to life. 

Initially, they had a division of labor. Some of them built modern call centers and train operators, some developed software and provide technical support, some attracted users, and the others acted as test drivers. 

Maxim was first launched in just four cities in Russia during the company’s first six years. After that time, the team expanded with 22 new cities or towns per year. Eventually, the team expanded the app by making it available in more than 500 localities in the country by 2020.

Learning Maxim’s History

Since the expansion continued in the mid-2000s, the team made sure that in each city they reached, they stepped up the competition to work for the benefit of the users and even the economy. In the early days of Maxim, drivers used walkie-talkies to accept orders from clients or customers. 

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Three years after its release, Maxim drivers started to put down their respective walkie-talkies for the mobile app developed by the team. It made the interaction between the drivers and customers easier, which led to the global trend. 

The innovative approach of the Maxim team helped the company’s products and services adapt to the changing demands of their clients and users. Thus, they could establish Maxim as one of the popular transportation services apps in the current market. 

By 2014, the team started to expand beyond Russia and they made the services available in many different countries. As it has become an international company, they promise to improve the app to assist anyone who travels to different cities and countries.

Downloading the Maxim App 

The team made the Maxim app available to almost everyone with the app’s expansion. The Maxim app is free to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

There are no in-app purchases on Maxim as it is entirely free. Even without payment, users can enjoy the app without intrusive ads.

Starting with the Maxim App

Upon installation, the app asks its users to grant it access to the geolocation of the mobile phone device. By having access to the current location, the app can make the address search more precise so that users can save time and speed up the ordering process. 

In addition, Maxim asks to access the phone’s information with a promise that the app will treat personal information with maximum protection. The users must click the “Continue” button to grant permission to the Maxim app. 

The next step is to log in using a phone number on the app. First, users must select their respective current country locations. Then, proceed typing in their phone number to verify it and tap the “Continue” button. 

The app will then send a four-digit code for verification. Maxim mentioned that verifying the phone number entails agreeing to the work rules of the service and the personal data processing policy.  

Exploring the Maxim App

Upon entering the verification code, Maxim welcomes the users to its home page to see its main features. There are four main tabs on the app: Order, Rides, Favorites, and Menu.

The Order tab contains all the necessary information when ordering services through the Maxim app. The Rides tab lists all the current or pending orders so that users can keep track of them easily. 

Meanwhile, the Favorites tab shows the routes and addresses users commonly use. Lastly, the Menu tab covers the account profile and settings of the app. 

Using the “Order” Services Feature

Maxim allows users to order taxis and other modes of transportation. Aside from transportation, the Maxim app lets its users order food and send or receive parcels. All of these services are found in the Order tab. 

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Since the app automatically detects the device’s current location, Maxim shows the current city on the top-right corner of the screen. However, users can change it manually by searching for or typing the city’s name. 

Users must choose first whether they want to use the delivery, transportation, or cargo services of Maxim. There are a few more options for Delivery, such as asking a driver to run an errand like buying food or goods.

Another Delivery option is the transportation of papers and goods from hand to hand, which should not weigh more than 10kg. Lastly, the Car Delivery option is where the documents, packages, and goods will be delivered by car. 

Ordering Transportation and Cargo

Aside from the Delivery options, users can utilize the Maxim app for Cargo shipments. Users just need to click the “Trucks” button to avail of Maxim’s service of transporting cargo of up to 1000kg. 

Moreover, the “Driver assistance” feature lets users enjoy extra help if needed in loading and unloading. Meanwhile, Maxim offers several transportation services or ride-hailing features through the app. 

Users can check which transportation is available within the vicinity. For example, major cities have options like taxis, motorcycles, bicycles, and many more. 

Completing Order Information

Upon choosing the service to use on Maxim, users need to complete the information as requested by the app. First, it will ask the store’s name or location where the users want to buy the food or goods.  

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Users may search for the store’s name and locate it on the map or manually type the location’s address. Then, users need to add the address where the food or goods will be delivered. 

Maxim also lets the users add special requests for the order like add-ons, special instructions, etc. Users may type the additional information so that the driver will be guided properly when buying or getting the products. Also, users can mark the order urgent for faster service.

Other requests for the order include indicting the change for the bill, which works for orders that will be paid using cash upon delivery. In addition, a user can indicate the tip given to the driver. 

Scheduling Orders

Users can enjoy another feature of the Maxim app —the Scheduled Order feature. Here, users can set the specific date and time when the order will be placed or when they want to receive it. They can set the schedule as “Now” for urgent orders.

With this feature, drivers will know whether the order is urgent or they can do other jobs before delivering the goods. 

Moreover, there are a few options for paying the order: cash or credit card. Users may link their credit or debit card and the app will automatically deduct the payment for the order. Users should also check for several promo codes as Maxim gives them out from time to time.

Tracking Orders and Rides

Maxim allows users to order several goods and food at the same time. There is no maximum number of orders in a day per user. It means that users can order as much as they want.

All these orders will be placed on the Rides tab, where users can keep track of their progress. They can check which orders have been successfully picked up by the rider, which orders are on their way home, and which orders are still pending or waiting.

The other tab on the Maxim app is Favorites, where all the routes and addresses are be listed. This tab is convenient and helpful for easier routes, especially when hailing rides such as taxis, motorcycles, etc. 

Completing the Account Profile and Customizing Settings 

The Maxim app does not require users to have a complete profile to enjoy its features upon signing up. However, users are still encouraged to provide information, including their full name, gender, date of birth, and email.

The Settings tab allows users to customize their experience on the app. There are 19 languages available that Maxim supports, including English, Spanish, Russia, French, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and many more.

Aside from the language, users can change the app’s appearance through its themes. They may opt to use the system setting or default, dark, or light theme. Lastly, users may pin a geolocation on the app to be the device’s default location.


The Maxim app provides convenience to its users when ordering food or goods or hailing a ride. It started from a small company in Russia and has become a global sensation because of its modern, accessible, and safety features and services.

Maxim users can ask drivers to deliver parcels and run errands. The app lets users book different modes of transportation like taxis, motorcycles, etc.