Download the NBA App and Stay on Top of Games, Scores and More

The NBA is in full swing and you want to find the best way to check on games as they’re happening. When life gets in the way and you’re at work or busy doing something important, simply getting an update or being able to watch the games on-demand is a huge help.

NBA: Live Games & Scores is a mobile app that lets you get all the NBA basketball action that you need and receive updates live straight from the game. With the NBA app, never miss a game again.

Get the latest information on your favorite team alongside more news with the app. To learn more about the NBA app, how to download it, how to use it, and its other features, check out the article below.

Download the NBA App and Stay on Top of Games, Scores and More
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About NBA: Live Games & Scores

NBA: Live Games & Scores is a mobile app developed by NBA Properties that allows users to get the latest news and schedules of their favorite teams in the NBA. Check highlights, player stats, and even stream basketball games live or check out on-demand videos after the game, all from the app.

Download the NBA App and Stay on Top of Games, Scores and More
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Now, you will never have to worry about getting the latest updates from your favorite team. Simply check your app or receive timely notifications for any significant update from the game or watch previews of upcoming games and in-depth analysis from experts in the field. 

Get to know more about your favorite player and their stats for each game or make sure that your team still has the best chances by checking out their standings in the conference.

Fans of the NBA will also appreciate the app’s other features, including an official merchandise shop. Check the schedule for your next game and while you’re at it, even purchase tickets to see the game live. Play along with your friends with the NBA Fantasy and build your own fantasy NBA team.

How to Download

To download the basketball app, search for the app using the name “NBA: Live Games & Scores” in the Google Play Store for Android devices. Tap “Install” to download to your smartphone device and wait until the installation completes. 

For iOS users, visit the Apple App Store to download the app. Search “NBA: Live Games & Scores” and select the app from the search results. Then tap “Get” to download to your Apple device and wait until the installation completes. Once it finishes, launch the app to begin using it!

Note that some features are only available in selected markets. Some restrictions may apply in both the US and Canada as well.

Check Game Schedules

Never miss out on watching your favorite team by knowing when they play by noting their game schedules. Simply head over to the NBA app and tap ‘Games’ at the bottom of the screen. You can check out all the schedules for the entire season.

Download the NBA App and Stay on Top of Games, Scores and More
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Filter the dates for a more comprehensive look at the schedule. Within the menu, you can check out the summary, the scores for each quarter and watch the highlights of the chosen match including all the stats and details.

Watch More NBA Content

If you are a true NBA fan, you always want to have insider knowledge and bonus footage from the games. What better way to get more NBA content with the help of the NBA: Live Games & Scores app. Those who are eager for more content can catch videos through the Watch tab. 

Tap ‘Watch’ on the homepage to see more NBA content ranging from current NBA news, recaps, highlights, and other related content. Check out the playlist for all the highlights and the top plays of the game.

Buy Tickets and Merchandise

Not only is the NBA: Live Games & Scores app your ultimate gateway to NBA news and all things related to the game, you can even purchase tickets to the next official live game. Check out all available games in your area and see if you can book a ticket the moment it is available.

Download the NBA App and Stay on Top of Games, Scores and More
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Not only that, but you can also shop for NBA merchandise including some fresh new kicks and the official jersey from each team. 

Everything from new shoes to kid’s apparel is available in the app and you can even shop by filtering by player or by the team. Make sure to check out the availability for all items in your area.

Stats and More Features

Get to know more about the players with the help of the ‘Players’ feature. Discover even more interesting facts and data and how well they have fared in their games. You can also see how your favorite team is doing so far with the ‘Teams’ option and view their most recent overall stats.

The NBA All-Star game is just around the corner so get all the news and information that you need from the draft and everything in between with the dedicated 2021 NBA All-Star option. 

Want to know who gets drafted into the All-Star roster or find out the schedule for the All-Star games? Check out this feature to find more updates for the upcoming NBA All-Star Event.

NBA League Pass

The NBA League Pass is a must-have for every basketball fanatic out there. The feature was launched in the mid-90s and is now available in the basketball app as part of the subscription-based feature. 

Download the NBA App and Stay on Top of Games, Scores and More
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The NBA League Pass offer differs from one region to another so check the app for further information. As one of the most popular subscription services in the NBA, the NBA League Pass offers live and on-demand videos straight from the court. 

Every NBA game will be featured in this service for the entire season including the postseason. If you are a fan of the NBA outside of the US, this could easily mean that you get all the NBA action right into your mobile device.

Using NBA League Pass

To use the NBA League Pass, all you need to do is to log in to the NBA app with your account and subscribe to the service. Be sure that you use the same account for logging in and purchasing the subscription. 

Once you have selected a subscription plan, select your preferred payment method and review all the terms and conditions before hitting ‘Checkout.’ The pass has a yearly subscription but there are also available options for those who want to subscribe to the service on a monthly basis. 

You may also purchase the subscription in the off-season for more detailed news on the new acquisition, trades, and more updates in-between seasons. There will be different rates for different regions so check it out in the app. 

Viewing Blackouts

Games are sometimes blacked out depending on your region or ZIP code. This could either be because of some broadcast regulation or something with regards to the licensing deal in your area. There will be times when some games will be blacked out especially if you are in the US or Canada.

Download the NBA App and Stay on Top of Games, Scores and More
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While this does not happen often, it can be quite a nuisance especially if you have paid for a service that should give you access to all the games in the NBA. 

Not to worry though as the app is constantly being updated and one can hope that there might be a chance that there won’t be any more blackouts in the future.

Other Ways to Watch

The NBA League Pass is not the only feature in the mobile basketball app that will let you indulge in all the NBA action and stories. NBA: Live Games & Scores also features NBA TV where you can catch live NBA games as well as all the studio coverage including analysis and post-game breakdowns. 

A true fan of the NBA also wants to dive deep into the history of NBA and NBA TV features curated documentaries for you to indulge in between games. Want more content? Check out some classic games through the NBA TV within the app and relive the colorful history of the NBA through these historic and iconic games.

Note that NBA TV is entirely separate in the US and is not available in certain markets such as Canada, China, Japan, Spain, and more. For countries not listed, you may check the app and see if the feature is available.


There’s a lot to be said about the NBA: Live Games & Scores app. For one, it delivers everything that you need from the NBA and as a fan, this should be your go-to app. However, some optimization might be needed especially for the interface and the many features of the app.

Needless to say, fans of the NBA will truly appreciate what NBA: Live Games & Scores brings to the table. Imagine a single app that lets you watch live basketball, get the important details, catch up on past games, and even purchase NBA merchandise online? It’s everything you need and more.