Web Video Cast App – See How to Use this App

Streaming videos or media files from phones to televisions has become a trend because of the popularity of Smart TVs and other streaming devices. Some streaming devices require specific software or hardware to be able to cast or stream.

However, the Web Video Cast app allows its users to stream offline and online videos to several streaming devices. It also supports numerous media files, which allows it to stream more video and live stream formats.

Check out the Web Video Cast app and its features below.

  • Discovering the Web Video Cast App
  • Walking Through Its Features
  • Browsing Online Video Sites on Web Video Cast
  • Connecting the Phone and Streaming Device
  • Streaming the Supported Media of Web Video Cast
  • A Better Streaming Experience

Web Video Cast App - See How to Use this App

Discovering the Web Video Cast App

The Web Video Cast app provides users with a way to stream videos from various websites straight to their televisions. The app supports the streaming of movies, TV shows, series, and even live streams. 

Web Video Cast App - See How to Use this App

InstantBits, the team behind the app, designed a streaming mobile application that caters to almost every video format. It is considered a universal video streaming app as users can cast and play videos online and even those saved in file storage. 

With the vision of making streaming everything to the television possible through an app, the team released Web Video Cast in March 2014. 

The app stands out because it does not require or rely on specific hardware or software to function. It slowly gained popularity because of its functions and features that bring convenience to the users.

Where to Download

Since its release, Web Video Cast has been constantly updated to provide more features to the users. It is one of the reasons why the app has a high rating and excellent user reviews

At present, there are over 10 million downloads of Web Video Cast in more than 100 countries. The Web Video Cast app is available for download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

People can install the app for free, but there are premium subscriptions and in-app purchases available. The app is good to use upon installation as it does not require account creation or registration.

Walking Through Its Features

Instead of a sign-in page, Web Video Cast instantly provides the user an overview of its key features. The walk-through will help the users connect the app to the television and eventually cast the chosen video or media file.

Web Video Cast App - See How to Use this App
Image Source: GoHow

The overview states that users may search for videos on the web and cast them to their respective TVs. The first step is to search or navigate to the video the users want to watch on their TV. The users usually go to their favorite video website

Then, it is a must that the videos on the website are playing uninterrupted. Users can play the video directly or use the list of discovered videos. 

Connection and Controls

The next step is crucial because it requires users to use the “Connect” button to connect with the desired streaming device. Then, it will appear as though users are sending the videos directly to the TV. 

Moreover, there are full playback controls that vary for every streaming device. The controls include subtitles, playback speed, audio, etc.

Browsing Online Video Sites on Web Video Cast

Based on the overview, the first main tab on Web Video Cast is the “Browser” option. The tab looks like the typical phone browser wherein users may manually type the video streaming site they usually use, such as YouTube.

Web Video Cast App - See How to Use this App
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The Browser on Web Video Cast is not limited to video streaming sites. Users can open social media pages or other accounts as well. The app can automatically find videos on the page by clicking the “Scan page for videos” button in the settings. 

Since it is like a phone browser, users can bookmark several pages for instant access in the future. Aside from bookmarking, users can set pages as the homepage for the app. Moreover, the Browser supports multiple tab searching

Lastly, the users may log in to their respective accounts for sites they open on the app’s Browser, especially those video OTT services. 

Local Video Casting

As mentioned, the app is not limited to streaming or casting online videos. Users may use the media files saved on their phones. Web Video Cast will ask for permission to access photos, media, and other files on their device.

Like the Browser feature, the phone storage option looks like users navigate its local files tab. The only difference is that the app automatically categorizes the files into videos, images, and audio.

Web Video Cast can access the local or phone storage and the external or additional storage spaces like SD cards.

Connecting the Phone and the Streaming Device

The convenience brought by the Web Video Cast app is apparent when users connect their phones with their streaming devices or televisions. The first step is to click the “Cast” icon on the upper right corner of the screen. 

Web Video Cast App - See How to Use this App
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The app will automatically scan for available devices to connectwith. It usually takes less than a minute for the app to detect the device. Users have to click the intended streaming device, and then it is good-to-go.

However, there are more options to connect a phone to a TV. The web receiver setup option allows users to open the link http://www.cast2tv.io/ within the TV browser. Then, the app provides a code to finish the connection.

The other option is for the Smart TV app, wherein users have to open the “App” store on the Smart TV and look for the “Web Video Caster.” Then, download the said app to open it on the TV. The last step is to enter the code found on the mobile app.

Supported Streaming Devices

As mentioned, Web Video Cast stands out because it does not require any specific hardware or software to cast or stream on various streaming devices. With Web Video Cast, users have more options of where to stream their videos.

The app supports the most popular streaming devices, allowing users to stream videos directly from the web and their phone storage. The supported devices are Google Cast (Chromecast, AndroidTC), Roku TVs, Roku stick, Apple TV 4, Fire TV, etc.

Moreover, Web Video Cast is also compatible with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) devices like LG TVs, Samsung TVs, and Xbox. Using the web browser, people can connect their PlayStation 4, other consoles, and set-top boxes.

Streaming the Supported Media of Web Video Cast

Web Video Cast supports most media files, especially the HTTP Live Streaming (HLT) in M3U8 format. This is why most web videos can be played on the app and be streamed on other devices, including live news and sports.

Web Video Cast App - See How to Use this App
Image Source: Google Play Store

Users must remember that Web Video Cast only supports authenticated videos, movies, and TV shows. Illegal copies of videos will not be read on the app. It is advisable to stream the videos on authentic video sites using the Browser feature.

In addition, the app supports any HTML5 videos, but the streaming device must decode the video being played. The Web Video Cast does not perform any video decoding or transcoding.

An IPTV playlist on M3U, W3U, and RSS formats can also be played on the app. For local videos, Web Video Cast only supports MP4 media files.

Playlist and Bookmarks History

The app development team wants users to have a personalized streaming experience on the app. The “Playlist” feature allows users to create their personal list of videos they like to play in a specified arrangement.

These playlists may be formed with a combination of videos from online sites and local phone storage. 

Users may also access their “Browser History” on Web Video Cast. This helps them find the recently played videos, which they may forget to save or add to bookmarks. 

A Better Streaming Experience

The Web Video Cast app is free to download. The app also uses the freemium model in which the users can enjoy the app with its limited free features. It is recommended to avail of the Web Video Cast Premium subscription to have a better streaming experience.

Web Video Cast App - See How to Use this App
Image Source: Google Play Store

A premium subscription unlocks the premium features such as bookmarks, home page setting, video history, video queue list, home screen shortcuts, and most visited sites. 

However, the app developers mentioned that some functionalities might not be applicable or present on some streaming devices. On the other hand, all users experience no intrusive advertisements that may interrupt the streaming experience. 

All of these premium features can be availed for a one-time payment of $4.99. Note that Web Video Cast provides no free-trial period of the premium subscription. 

Customization, Downloads, and Tech Support

True to its vision to allow users to personalize their experience on the app, Web Video Cast provides a way to customize its look. There are options for dark mode and web themes

Web Video Cast also has the “Download” feature wherein users may store their saved videos from online sites. Although, the downloaded videos may also be found on the local file storage. 

The app ensures that users will have a great streaming or casting experience. The app’s team provided active complementary tech support that users may contact in case of any issue or suggestion.


The Web Video Cast app helps users stream online and offline videos from their phones directly to their TVs or other streaming devices because it supports numerous streaming devices and media formats.

The app also has a premium subscription to unlock the features such as bookmarks, home page settings, video history, etc. Check it out today!