App To Learn To Sing – Learn To Download For Free

Singing is something that most people do, regardless if they are talented in it or not. Some people sing in the shower, some in the karaoke bars, while others do it for a living. Singing is a musical expression that any person can relate to, no matter what culture, age, or gender they belong to.

Of course, when expressing yourself through singing, you don’t have to be out of tune. There are many ways for you to learn the proper singing techniques, including hiring a singing coach. However, if that doesn’t fit your schedule or if it will be too costly for you, there is an alternative.

You can find the Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp app if you try to search for online singing classes, and for something that’s free, it’s a great way to train one’s singing skills. This article will talk about the Sing Sharp app, its features, and how to download and install it on your mobile device.

  • What Is The Art Of Singing?
  • Vocal Technique And Singing Voice Development
  • Take A Look At The Learn To Sing – Sing Sharp App
  • Examining The Notable Features Of The Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp App
  • How To Download And Install The App On Your Mobile Device
App To Learn To Sing - Learn To Download For Free
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What Is The Art Of Singing?

To better understand what the Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp app offers, we should first discuss singing and developing the singing voice. Singing is defined as the act of producing musical sounds using one’s voice. A singer or a vocalist is the term used to describe someone who sings.

App To Learn To Sing - Learn To Download For Free
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Singing can be done with or without accompaniment by musical instruments, as a choir, a band, or a soloist. Singing styles may differ depending on the musical genre of the songs being performed. These include art music, gospel music, jazz, pop, rock, and dance music.

Regardless of it’s formal or informal, arranged, or improvised, people sing as a hobby, a profession, a form of religious devotion, or simply a source of pleasure and comfort. 

You will need to allot time, dedication, instruction, and regular practice to excel in singing, even if you’re naturally talented.

Some Health Benefits Of Singing

According to medical journals and scientific studies, there are several health benefits that singing provides to people. One benefit is that it works the lungs and tones up the intercostals and diaphragm. This is because singing involves a lot of breathing and muscle movements in these areas.

It also improves aerobic capacity, thus benefitting our cardio function and opens up sinuses and respiratory tubes. Singing also relaxes overall muscle tension and even improves our posture. Some studies have revealed that it even improves our sleep.

Singing can also help release endorphins and boost our immune system. For people with illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, singing will help improve their physical balance. It could even help lessen snoring with training.

Vocal Technique And Singing Voice Development

To effectively coordinate the physical processes of singing, the proper vocal techniques should be adopted. It involves integrating and coordinating these physical processes of producing vocal sound, namely respiration, phonation, resonation, and articulation.

App To Learn To Sing - Learn To Download For Free
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While you don’t need much muscle strength in singing, it still requires a high level of muscle coordination since it is a skill that needs highly developed muscle reflexes. Your voice can be developed not only by practicing songs but also through vocal exercises.

Vocal exercises may be used to warm up the voice, extend one’s vocal range, line up the voice horizontally and vertically, and acquire vocal techniques like legato, staccato, control of dynamics, and rapid figurations.

Vocal Range Extension

One crucial goal in developing one’s singing voice is extending your vocal range to its natural limits without declining quality or technique. According to vocal pedagogists, this can only be achieved if the aforementioned physical processes involved in singing are working in harmony with each other.

These processes can be coordinated by creating good vocal habits in your voice’s most comfortable tessitura and slowly expanding its range. There are three factors that affect your ability to sing in a higher or lower range, namely the energy, space, and depth factors.

Energy refers to the body’s total response to producing a vocal sound, space refers to the size of the inside of the mouth and the palate and larynx’s position, and depth may refer to actual physical sensations of depth in the vocal mechanism and body or its mental concept.

Take A Look At The Learn To Sing – Sing Sharp App

Now that we’ve discussed what singing is, its health benefits, and how to improve our singing technique and vocal range, it’s time to shift our focus to the Sing Sharp app. This app describes itself as a gamified training program for singing.

App To Learn To Sing - Learn To Download For Free
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Using the Sing Sharp app, you can check your vocal range through its What You See Is What You Sing™ technology. You can even use it to practice your lowest and highest pitches. It also has a variety of warmup exercises that range from basic to advanced levels.

It has numerous songs that you can sing along with, and you can even use songs in your music library while running this app. The Sing Sharp app is one of the most popular singing apps available online, and it has been downloaded more than a million times.

About The App Developer

Nothing much is written about the Sing Sharp app’s developer, Harmony Network Group Limited. It has an official website that promotes the Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp app, but it does not contain any information about the developer.

The developer has another app for the iOS platform called Free Guitar and String Instruments Chromatic Tuner with Tone Generator. It offers a quick and easy way to tune guitars and other string instruments.

Examining The Notable features Of The Learn To Sing – Sing Sharp App

The Sing Sharp app features a training program for developing your vocal technique. The program has ten levels that include more than 1,000 ear training and voice control exercises to help in boosting your musical sense and pitch accuracy.

App To Learn To Sing - Learn To Download For Free
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You can also keep track of your progress by keeping records of your Singing Scores+Progress+Report Statistics. Aside from its real-time pitch detection technology, the app also has a breath filtering engine for better measurement and recording.

When singing songs, you can use its Studio Effects to enhance the experience and make it karaoke-style. It also has a Note Bar Octave Control tool that ranges from Low to High. You can further customize it by using different images for the background.

Perks Of The Subscription Service

While the Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp app is free to download and use, it offers a subscription service with additional features and benefits. The training program mentioned above is part of the subscription service. It includes ten levels of 50 lessons with 15 exercises each lesson.

Aside from the default warmup exercises, subscribers will enjoy an additional eight warmup exercises. The subscription service also includes a Daily Track Statistics feature that allows users to track their progress and scores and generate a report based on them.

The subscription costs $5.99 for three months, while the six-month membership is priced at $7.99. Additional warmup exercise packages cost $0.99, and removal of ads will set you back $2.99. An annual subscription that includes all the additional packages and ad removal costs $29.99.

How To Download And Install The App On Your Mobile Device

If you’re still reading at this point, it means that you’re interested in the app, and you might be wondering if you could have it on your mobile devices. Again, the app is free to download and install, which applies to users of both Android and iOS platforms.

App To Learn To Sing - Learn To Download For Free
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For Android users, you will find the app on the Google Play Store in the Music & Audio category under Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp. It currently has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on more than 74,000 user reviews.

The app has a file size of 50 MB and requires your device to run on Android 4.1 and up to function correctly. It is currently on version 2.2 and was last updated on November 23, 2019. To start the download and installation process, tap on the Install button.

Learn To Sing – Sing Sharp For iOS

Meanwhile, iOS device users may find the app on the Apple App Store under the name, Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons. It is currently rated at 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 12,600 user reviews. It also has an age rating of 4+ and is only available in the English language.

This app version has a file size of 324.3 MB, which is much bigger than its Android counterpart. It requires iOS 10.3 or later for the iPhone and iPod touch and iOS 10.3 or later for the iPad.

To begin downloading the app, tap on the Get button. Once all files have been downloaded, it will automatically start the installation process.


Overall, the Sing Sharp app is enjoyable to use despite being free, particularly its ability to determine someone’s vocal range and the warmup exercises it emphasizes, which most people often don’t do. While getting an actual singing coach might be the best option for aspiring singers, this app helps improve your technique.

If you like this app, you could recommend it to friends and family who want to widen their vocal range without breaking the bank, particularly during this global health crisis.